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NEW #TWSTaste: Fine Wine Trade Secrets, 18th October



Our Members’ Favourites tasting explored a couple of bargain bottles you love, but now for something completely different: we’re going to try a couple of under-the-radar fine wines from our new Fine Wine Trade Secrets offer!

Fine Wine Trade Secrets: 18th October

When: Thursday 18th October from 8 to 9pm

If you’re new to TWS Taste/feel like a refresher, have a read of this topic which explains what it’s all about.

The two bottles we’ll be trying this time have a particular connection to The Community: they were picked for the offer by Martin (the red) and yours truly (the white)! :smiley:

Here’s what we’ll be tasting:



Fancy taking part? Add a bottle of each of these wines to your next order and make sure it arrives before 18th October, and join us here at 8pm to taste along. Feel free to cook up a matching dinner or invite some friends around to join in!

Who’s in this time?

  • I’ll be there! :smiley:
  • I hope I can make it… :grimacing:
  • I’m not free this time :frowning:

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Hope to see you there! :slight_smile:

AND keep your eyes peeled for the details of our November #twstaste, being released in just a few minutes, so you can order both sets of wines at the same time, if you like!

Edit: the November tasting details are here.

Congratulations: New Member(s) of the Month
Christmas Virtual Tasting #TWS Taste [29 November, 2017]

Two great looking wines, not just fine wines but Spanish too. Happy days.


Great stuff! All ordered and will be delivered next week! :smiley::+1:


I so wish I could join you for this one, but I’m going to be on a flight back to Bulgaria! :sob: You’ll be in the ever capable hands of @Ewan and @martin_brown, though - and hopefully @catherine will be joining too!


I will hopefully be there. It’s only a few days after I arrive down south for two months (work) during which I live in my mobile home. So all depends on me getting successfully connected and settled in time.

Once again I’ll probably only be doing the red.


Oooh! Mike! perhaps this is your chance to fall in love with a white?!!.. :wink:


It was a thought but the timing is not the best. I really want time for that exploration and I’ll not have that now until next spring. It did cross my mind though! At this time of year and until April my life becomes very hectic. Mostly in a good way!


A bit lightweight I’m afraid but one per month on a regular basis is too much, including on the wallet. So will give this one a miss and I’ll join the one in November Before which I need to order some sherry so that will fit in well. Have fun - I may just lurk to enjoy the banter and hear what you all think of the wines.


Please lurk away, @JayKay, and feel free to join in with the banter! I love your GIFs! :smiley:
And I look forward to you taking part in November. :slight_smile:


Popped into the TWS showroom today and purchased the two bottles - I have purchased a few Zorzal wines before but not this particular one so looking forward to tasting it next Thursday.
‘Vibrant lemony fruit’ sounds just what I would chose for a white wine - looks like it will be a good tasting!


Order now in but I will be out, so another retrospective #twstaste for us!


Okay, last-minute decision to place an order and include these bottles, arrived today, so count me in! I’ll see if the other half’s free to join in too :clinking_glasses:


My white arrives tomorrow as part of a mini order, so hoping it comes early as usual and I can get it in the fridge before leaving for work. I have the Zorzal from the previous vintage, so hoping it’s not too different. Looking forward to it!


That will be VERY interesting to compare since we underestimate vintage variation from New World regions. I suspect it could be quite different (in a positive way) and we will benefit from hearing what an extra year in bottle will deliver


I’m assuming that Navarra has a similar vintage to Rioja. TWS rates 2015 at 9/10. , the 2014 at 7/10, for this neighbouring area.

I’m sorry to say that despite having the wines delivered today I’m not out tomorrow (playing tennis). So may have to catch up Friday.


Today’s the day!

@Ewan will be providing some delicious morsels of background info on the wines in the afternoon to get our palates ready.

@catherine and I are thoroughly looking forward to representing Team WineSoc for the tasting itself - @laura may be able to join us too but will be sprinting back from Bulgaria, so we’ll have to see how it goes. Can’t wait!


Time to change channels! Click on the link below, and see you on the other side!