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NEW #TWSTaste: Fine Wine Small Wonders, 18th July '19, 8-9pm



Hi everyone!

Seeing as you’ve all started discussing the new Fine Wine List already, I thought I’d announce our next #TWSTaste virtual tasting a bit earlier than usual! :smiley: If you’re new to these, just shout - or have a look at previous ones to see the fun we have…

Fine Wine Small Wonders, Thursday 18th July, 8-9pm

We thought we’d focus on fine wine this time - namely, two picks from our ever-popular Small Wonders selection in the Fine Wine List - but we’ve picked two slight ‘hidden gem’ oddities to get you all talking. :slight_smile:

White: Somlói Juhfark, Kolonics 2017

Red: Moric Hausmarke Red 2017

How to join in:

  1. Order a bottle each of these two wines and make sure it’s delivered in time for Thursday 18th July
  2. Invite some friends around, or plan a tasty dinner to match the wines, if you like!
  3. On the night, make sure your bottles are chilled/decanted and join us here on The Community shortly before 8pm. There’ll be a ‘LIVE’ #Twstaste topic ready to go, and from 8pm we’ll taste along together and share our thoughts on the two wines.

Really looking forward to this one - who’s joining us?

  • Me! I’ll be there!
  • I’m hoping I can make it
  • Not for me, this time

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Magical Mystery Bottle

I still have a bottle of the 2015 Juhfark so I’ll probably just use that :grimacing:


Might be interesting to compare notes on the evening! :+1:


Would need to buy the Juhfark (and I’m not much of a fan of the grape!), but could be fun.

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Just added these two to a delivery of reserve wines due later this month so very efficient. As well as Mr JayKay, that evening we have a house full with my mother, brother, and sister in law. So it promises to be a very entertaining evening chez nous.

I cannot imagine what my 86 year old mother (who is not connected to the internet and struggles to use a non-smart mobile phone) will make of an on-line tasting but we are about to find out!


Fascinating choices! You are right that they are “hidden” - these would have totally passed me by if you hadn’t highlighted them. One of each going into my basket and I hope to join the tasting!


Thought this was worth a BUMP as it’s only a couple of weeks away now! :smiley:

I’ve also just remembered we had a discussion about the new Small Wonders Vintage Cellar Plan not too long ago:

and a few of you expressed an interest - this might be fun for you, and a good taster of the kinds of wine surprises you might find in the plan if you did sign up! :slight_smile:

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He insisted we road test the red in advance, just to be absolutely sure it passes muster


I love this idea. Hopefully I can join the party.


Will try to join this time - miss you guys

Wonder if I can get an order in on time


Yes Dr Frankenstein, best check in with your creation… :wink:


I’m gutted, but I won’t be able to attend the tasting now due to a work leaving do. Bah! :frowning_face:

I got both bottles, so might open one of them this weekend and compare notes with you lot. Next time, hopefully! I’m sure you’ll have fun! :wine_glass::+1:


Oh no! What a shame! We’ll miss you. :slight_smile: Looking forward to hearing your thoughts when you try the bottles - have fun a the leaving do!

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Wines are purchased, chanterelles are picked and we’re good to go … we’ll be starting a wee bit earlier so we can fit in the first course outdoors. Fabulous though the view is, 8pm heralds the start of the midges.


Ooh, that’s an idyllic looking photo! Where abouts is that?

I’m VERY excited about tonight. Two wines I probably wouldn’t have noticed otherwise, and a first for me in both cases. @Ewan is just preparing some info for us now to kick off tonight’s live tasting topic so watch this space…


It’s looking west over Loch na Droma buidhe. It’s a remote loch on the north coast of a remote peninsula (Morvern) in the remote northwest of Scotland. There’s four of us for the tasting and we’re hoping to squeeze in some outdoor appreciation in between the thunderstorms and the midges!