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NEW #TWSTaste: Festive fine wine, Thursday 5th Dec, 8-9pm




So, after so many of you took part in our Christmas #twstaste poll, it looks like you’re in favour of Festive Fine Wine and Festive Fortified in equal measure, with quite a bit of interest in old world vs new world options too.

So we’re combining these themes in a special three-wine TWSTaste!

Festive Fine Wine virtual tasting + bonus fortified, Thursday 5th December, 8-9pm

For the white, we’ve decided on this:

White: Lafazanis Geometria Malagouzia 2018

One of Freddy’s Christmas Curiosities in the Christmas Fine Wine List, this is a lovely lighter white option, a real palate-lifter (especially welcome with all the rich Christmas food!) which I’m told makes a great easy-drinking white for parties, would be great with a baked camembert with rosemary, and is also a great option with Boxing Day cold cuts.

Red: Sobon Estate Rocky Top Amador County Zinfandel 2017

Many of you will have had zinfandel as your classic turkey match - and believe me, it really works. Not so much with turkey (which doesn’t take much matching) but with all the trimmings - it’s gorgeous with all the sweet sausages and glazes and even works with brussels sprouts! Buyer Sarah also tells me it’s gorgeous with hard cheeses - so it’s a good option to see you through Christmas dinner and the cheeseboard!

Optional fortified: Romate Maribel A Selection of Amontillado Medium Dry

This one was @martin_brown’s choice - a real ‘cor blimey’ of a Christmas fortified, that’s the perfect balance of sweetness, and one of those ‘why did no one tell me about this before now?!’ wines.

Don’t feel you need to try all three wines

Just buy whichever ones interest you - you’re free to join us at any part of the tasting! Obviously, by all means do bring all three wines along if you’d like to (I will! :wink: )

How to join in

If you’d like to join us and taste these wines together, simply:

  • Buy a bottle each of whichever of these three wines you’d like to taste on the night and make sure they’re delivered in time for Thursday 5th December, 2019
  • On the day, make sure the wines are chilled/decanted, invite over friends if you like, and you can even cook something to serve alongside it!
  • Then, just before 8pm on the 5th, join us here on The Community, where there’ll be a topic called ‘LIVE #TWSTaste’.

Who’s joining us this time?

  • I’m feeling festive!
  • Bah! Humbug!
  • I’m hoping to make it

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Looking forward to seeing you there… :slight_smile:


Sorry timing is all wrong for me :frowning:


I’ll buy the wines but it’s my birthday so in my head I’m hoping for a chopper to come pick me up and whisk me off somewhere exciting . In reality I’ll probably be at my laptop doing this as Mr.Leah is away :rofl::see_no_evil:


It’s your birthday?! Oh how lovely. Well OBVIOUSLY if you end up celebrating elsewhere we quite understand, but if you do join us we’ll try to make sure it’s extra special for you! :smiley:


Going to taste the white and the sherry but just observe the comments on the red.


Good afternoon, all. Looking forward to tasting with you later on this cold winter’s night. I am now closing this topic and have posted a few morsels of information to whet our appetites on a new live thread for the evening.

Off home shortly to chill my malagouzia, open my zinfandel and salivate over the prospect of some sherry.

Until 8pm, here’s to you all!

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