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NEW #TWSTaste: Curiosity Shop on 24th January 2019



Really sad news, @laura! As you say, this might make the tasting a little poignant. Far too young…


Really sad news indeed. I think it only right that we raise a toast to him on the night.

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What terrible news. Absolutely will be raising a glass. :wine_glass:


Oh, how terrible.

Sadly I have a parents’ evening at school that night so may end up having to miss this, but will definitely buy the wines to raise a glass with you all


I’m new to The Community. Wondering how the virtual wine tasting works. Hope it is a great way to try new wines with friends.


Hi @KateK and welcome. It’s good fun and really easy to take part. Purchase the wine for the event! @laura has posted at the top of the page which two they are this month. Log in on the evening where a background to the wine and grower is given , then we all sniff together and then taste . Everyone is drinking th same wine and chatting about it on here . Hope you can make the next one :wink:!


The wine should hopefully arrive tomorrow. Let’s see how I get on. I think the tasting is in about 10 days time.


It’s this Thursday!! :smiley: Who’s excited?! I need to grab the bottles today - should be just enough time for any last-minute takers to have them delivered, if you’re interested… :nerd_face:


Such a shame I’ll be missing this one! But I will be in another tasting called ‘Plonk vs Posh’… so at least will be doing something tasting-related!
Looking forward to reading all the posts from the event… :smiley: :wine_glass:


Not for me this time, but I’ll enjoy reading through everyone’s thoughts!


Hi - I’m new to wine, wine tastings, and this community. However, myself and some friends will be taking part tomorrow and our wine has arrived. Forgive my ignorance - I’ve heard that you should ‘let red’s breathe’ but I’ve also been told that this is an old wives’ tale - when should I open the bottle?


It is not an old wives’ tale…

I think if you open it an hour before the tasting that should be good for this particular red. Maybe have a sip right after opening and then after an hour so you can decide for yourself whether it is a myth.

Welcome to the Community, hope you and your friends enjoy the tasting!


Welcome to the community, @BecH! :slight_smile:

My understanding is that the myth is relating to the fact that wine can’t really ‘breathe’ if you simply uncork it. The surface area is just too small to make a difference. Best to decant it (even just to a jug, if you don’t have a decanter) for an hour, as @szaki1974 suggested, and then you can taste the difference. Most reds are worth decanting - especially young wine. It really opens it up and smoothes any harshness in the tannins.
Hope you enjoy the tasting - they are such fun events! :smiley:


Welcome @BecH! :smiley:

I completely second @szaki1974’s and @Inbar’s advice. :+1:

I’ll be enjoying the tasting a part of a group tomorrow too! As well as my other half, I’m hoping my lovely friend @Kelly will be with us for the first time, and I’ve asked @Freddy to join us as he’s the buyer for the two wines we’ll be tasting! I think it’s always more fun with a group of you tasting along together, so I hope you enjoy it! Have you decided what (if any!) food you’ll be having with the wines?


Really looking forward to taking part in the tasting tomorrow night, and raising a glass to Tomáš Čačík.


Readying ourselves here in the Wild West…


SO EXCITING! I’m full of cold so can’t taste a thing but @martin_brown is just setting up the new topic as we speak and I’ll be ‘joining in’ even if I can’t enjoy the wine! :smiley:


Is this where the wine tasting takes place?


Hi! I’ll start a new thread at 8 and close this one - will include a link so everyone knows where we’ll be :slight_smile:

Looking forward to this one!