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NEW #TWSTaste: Curiosity Shop on 24th January 2019



Happy New Year! It’s time to announce the details of our first TWSTaste virtual tasting of 2019 - and if your resolution was to explore the weirder side of wine, this one’s for you.

TWSTaste: Curiosity Shop, Thursday 24th January, 8-9pm

If you’re new to TWSTaste, these are monthly tasting evenings where a group of us get together and pop the cork on two different wines, taste through them together and post our thoughts here. They’re very fun evenings. :smiley:

This time we’ll be tasting two bottles from our upcoming Curiosity Shop offer, an offer exploring some of the world’s weirder and wonderful wine creations. Here’s the two we’ll be trying:



Fancy taking part? Add a bottle of each of these wines to your next order and make sure it arrives before 24th January, and join us here at 8pm to taste along. Feel free to cook up a matching tasty dinner or invite some friends around to join in! The more the merrier. :wine_glass:

Who’s in this time?

  • I’m in!
  • I’m hoping to make it…
  • I’m not around / Dry Januarying this time

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Looking forward to seeing you there!


I’m getting “Wine no longer available” on the red link?


Unfortunately I won’t be around that evening… :frowning: But hoping to be around for the following one…

By the way, @laura - the link to the red isn’t working (it comes up with a ‘product no longer available’ message).

Hope you all enjoy! :smiley:


I’ll be out now until May as I’ll be away and unable to receive TWS orders :frowning:

Have fun and depending on what I’m doing I might lurk in the back ground.


Yep, sorry! It says underneath it’s going live ASAP - we’ve had a delay getting the wine on the website specially for you guys to order it for the tasting, but it’ll be there in a few minutes!

EDIT: It’s live! Link in the post above should work now. I’m particularly excited about trying this one - my first Czech wine!


Aha. Interesting. The link is now up.


I’m tempted. l’ve travelled and enjoyed local wines in both countries but £16 is a little above my usual spend per bottle. Could you give a little more information about terroir. I seem to remember that the Turks explained the good quality of some of their wines as being due to the high pigeon shit content of the terroir ‘Pigeon Valley’ in Cappadocia, a strange selling point but I enjoyed the wine


It is good that Czech Republic is represented by Moravia where is 96% of all vineyards of Czech Republic. Frankovka is very popular red wine variety there.


The brochure about czech wine.


Interestingly…I’ve just had an Email inviting me to join the Community as the tastings are fun - and a few more reasons.
As if!


I know for sure I’ve got the Vinkara…… now all I need to do is actually find it :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


This line up is not one for me, but looking forward to future tastings.


No worries, @szaki1974! We’ll be announcing details of our next couple of tastings fairly soon so you won’t have long to wait. :smiley:


Bottles arriving on Monday. Looking forward to this one. All a bit uncharted…


My bottles have arrived today - I think ‘Curiosity’ is the right word - I can’t wait to try them. I had a couple of great bottles from Turkey over Christmas (my parents live there and brought a couple back). it was a 2016 Vintage Merlot from Thrace in Turkey - the producer is called Kayra. You had to decant it but oh my, what a smooth red which I had with beef. looks like you can get it over here for a bargain price.


Hi and welcome @TerriWade, I’ve had a Kayra Chardonnay a few years back. I remember it being quite tropical and was better than I had expected.


Hi @leah

My folks moved out there in 2005 and the wine at that time was pretty undrinkable and I’d generally stick to their well respected Efes lager! Reds were really jammy and the whites…well! But as the years have gone on they’ve definitely mastered their technique - be interesting to learn how.

I guess they’ve had to given it’s become more popular as a tourist destination and tourists are expecting good wine.


Ordered my bottles today - should be an interesting experience


Hi everyone,

I’m really sad to be giving this update, but we’ve had some horrible news over the weekend. Tomáš Čačík, the winemaker behind the red we’ll be tasting at this event (and the first ever Czech wines sold at The Society) sadly passed away after a short illness on 31st December, aged just 43.

Obviously, this makes this tasting unexpectedly poignant, and I hope you’ll all join me in raising a glass to Tomáš on the night.


That’s awful news @laura, 43 is no age at all . Thoughts are with his family .