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NEW #TWSTaste: 'Cinderella Region' reds + BONUS Bin Series tasting (Thursday 12th March, 8-9pm)



Hi everyone,

After our last white Burgundy vs white Rhone tasting, and January’s tannat-athon, it seems comparing like for like is working well - so we’re sticking with two wines of the same colour for March! :wine_glass:

And take note, adventurous wine drinkers, because I’ve got a feeling they’ll be two reds most of us won’t have tried…

NEW #TWSTaste: ‘Cinderella Region’ Reds, Thursday 12th March, 8-9pm

We’re about to mail out what I think is a really exciting offer, put together by Marcel - Cinderella Regions - which celebrates the incredible success of the 2018 vintage for many of the regions which are often in the shadow of more famous neighbours.

A couple of wines get a name-check in the intro as being particularly remarkable in 2018, so I thought we’d try them!

Wine one: Côte Roannaise Éclat de Granite, Domaine Sérol 2018

As described by Marcel:

The genesis of this offer goes back to January 2019 and my first trip of the year. Travelling though the Auvergne, my first stop was at Domaine Sérol, an estate in the Côte Roannaise I have been visiting for 25 years. Never had I come across wines of such beauty, and winemaker Stéphane Sérol was lost for words; nothing in his experience could match 2018 which is truly exceptional

Wine Two: Vin de Savoie, Mondeuse, Terres Rouges, Jean-François Quénard

Marcel continues:

I found the same story playing out wherever I went, from Marcillac in the southern Massif Central to the Alpine vineyards of Savoie, where Chignin producer Jean-François Quénard talked of 2018 in the same hallowed tones as the legendary 1959.

I’m hoping these will shed some much-deserved light on two relatively unknown reds, but while we’re here…

BONUS BOTTLE: Bin #4 - Furmint 2011


Our next Bin Series wine is going on sale on 26th Feb - and it’s very low-stock so will probably sell out quickly. I know it’s piqued the interest of quite a few of you here so I thought it might be nice to taste it together?

How to take part

  1. Buy a bottle of each of the above wines [Bin Series optional!] and have it delivered before Thursday 12th March 2020
  2. We like to encourage everyone to get some friends over, or plan a dinner they think will match - really make an evening of it! Let us know what you have planned…
  3. On the night, open the wines ready (we usually have a discussion in advance about whether we think they need decanting and for how long)
  4. Join us here on the Community a little before 8pm , and there will be a topic called ‘LIVE #TWSTaste’ ready and waiting - that’s where we’ll all taste and discuss the wines.

We hope you can join us - who’s in (apologies in advance for the terrible Cinderella references…)?

  • I’ve got my glass (slippers?) at the ready! [yes]
  • I’m hoping to go to the ball [maybe]
  • My wicked stepmother won’t let me [I can’t make it]

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Live from 8pm: #TWStaste white Rhône vs white Burgundy

Both the reds are now listed above, so you can get your orders in! (Or feel free to wait until next Wednesday if you’d rather lump them all together with a Bin Series order!)


I would have loved to join in on this one but as I’m actually in the Savoie region right now and not really back until the end of March I can’t see any way I could get the wines.


Maybe you could get hold of the Mondeuse at least?



Sadly I don’t have an address out here as I live in a van (motorhome) whilst here. I did wonder about trawling around the various wine shops in the area but I’ve already done a fair bit of that last year and that’s not one of the ones I’ve seen.

Nice thought though :grinning:

I’m not expecting too many tears shed for my hardships :rofl:


I am literally ‘going to a ball’ that evening, so won’t be able to be there!


Am ‘drygan’ for Lent. Yes dry and vegan :astonished:! Not prepared to spit so won’t be attending. Hope you all have a good time.


Just in case you want to go the whole hog :wink:


What time are we kicking off tonight folks - are those of us doing the Furmint logging in a bit earlier?

Very much looking forward to this one!


Hi @philip_currie! Apologies - my fault, I’m supposed to be launching the new tasting topic and I’ve only just got back home. :see_no_evil: I’m just doing it now.

Yes, let’s have a quick Bin Series tasting on the dot of 8 (or just before if we’re all around), and we’ll move onto the Cinderella regions after that. :smiley:


No apologies needed! Just wanted to check how soon I needed to leave the pub to get home…!

Sounds like a plan, will “see” you then!


As soon as possible! I’m not sure I can hold on until 8 o’clock…


We’re ready to go - here’s the topic!

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