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NEW: TWSTaste - A Tale of Two Tannats, 23rd January 8-9pm



Ours are arriving next Tuesday.


Ours are coming this Friday, together with a few other nice bottles. Looking forward! :slight_smile:


Ours arrive tomorrow along with a few Pinots (noir) and some Vermentino! I also have an early start to Edinburgh on Friday so will need to show more willpower than I’ve managed so far in 2020!


Hoping I make it back from Edinburgh in time :see_no_evil::see_no_evil:!


Hope you make it down from Scotland in time, Leah!

Everyone else excited for tonight? :smiley: I’m really looking forward to trying two grapes I’ve rarely drunk in the past.


We’re really looking forward too! Even the 16 year old, who seems to prefer reds. Not quite like her mother! :grinning:
We’re planning to have wild boar sausages with mash to go with it, followed by some cheese. Bring it on! :+1:


Hi everyone - it’s time to switch channels as this one is now closing down.
Please click on this link where tonight’s tasting will be taking place.


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