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NEW: TWSTaste - A Tale of Two Tannats, 23rd January 8-9pm



Hi everyone!

To get you excited about a brand new year (and decade!) here’s the details for our first #twstaste of 2020!

A tale of two tannats: Thursday 23rd Jan, 8-9pm

The brilliant @Inbar suggested this a few months ago and we thought it was a great way to start the year. Tannat is a red grape originally from Madiran in the south of France, but it’s getting an increasing reputation for success in Uruguay, too - although often quite different in style.

We’re going to try two examples of tannat - one from Madiran, one from Uruguay - and see what we think of the differences and similarities.



If you’re new to these #TWSTaste virtual tastings, here’s how it works:

  1. Buy a bottle of each of the above wines and have it delivered before Thursday 23rd January 2020
  2. We like to encourage everyone to get some friends over, or plan a dinner they think will match - really make an evening of it! Let us know what you have planned…
  3. On the night, open the wines ready (we usually have a discussion in advance about whether we think they need decanting and for how long)
  4. Join us here on the Community a little before 8pm, and there will be a topic called ‘LIVE #TWSTaste’ ready and waiting - that’s where we’ll all taste and discuss the wines.

We hope you can join us - who’s in?

  • This sounds tannat-alising! Count me in!
  • Tan-NOT for me
  • I’m hoping to make it

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2020 TWSTaste dates
January 2020 on The Community

Ah, what a shame…! I won’t be able to attend due to the Brighton tasting group’s meeting taking place that evening :confused:
Will console myself with reading the comments afterwards, which is always great fun!

Definitely free for the February date, though! :+1: :grinning:


Two young tannats in rapid succession, eh?

I’m in. But this calls for mouth protection:


Yes! Whose silly idea was that…?! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:



I like it! I want it!


Noooo! :scream:

It’s early days on this, so let’s do a quick poll - if we pushed this back to the following Thursday, would everyone who’s signed up/expressed an interest already be able to attend still?

@Herbster @VinoVeritas @Croquetchris @Brocklehurstj @Leah @MikeFranklin @tom @JD1892

  • I can make Thursday 23rd
  • I’d prefer to stick with Thursday 16th

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Gives more time to get the bottles as well. I put in a big Christmas order the day before this announcement.


I’m in Edinburgh for my Dip but I’m staying with my cousin so I’m sure I could convince him to partake also as he is a member :wink::wink:


Fantastic! Well, we’ve got just two people we haven’t heard back from yet (@MikeFranklin and @JD1892) so fingers crossed they can attend, and I’ll amend the date now.
Hope this is alright for everyone - so glad @Inbar can join in with this tasting which was her idea!


Thanks for thinking of me, @Laura! And thanks all! :smile:


I’m good for the 23rd and looking forward to this one. I likes a tannat!


Sorry been a bit busy for a few days.

I should be able to make it either way, though I’m not absolutely sure where I’ll be then as that sort of detail is all a bit up in the air just at the moment!

I still can’t guarantee but that’s down to my present circumstances not to the date.


Now Christmas is over and we’re all looking forward to 2020, I thought I’d push this topic back to the top of the feed so anyone else who’s interested in joining us can do so. :slight_smile:


We can’t make it this time but will read the comments offline later whilst tasting along.


Having to miss this one unfortunately but will see you next time!


Yes, I’m also now unavailable. Enjoy!


The wines will be delivered this Thursday and I’m looking forward to it very much!


Mine have arrived today and I should be there (unless it turns out I’m on the road that day).


Ours are coming on Thursday.


I can make it now, wines on their way - though I’m a bit worried as I have a very early flight the next morning… eek!