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NEW #TWSTaste [3rd May]: Exhibition Chile

Very Niiiiccce…:wink:

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Both bottles sorted :+1:

The danger of stopping by the showroom though is I also bought a bottle of the 2014 vintage of this…

The 2016 vintage of this wine was a pick in the recent Burgundy EP offer. Will be nice to have something like a sneak preview while I’ll wait.


2014 white Burgundy offered by TWS should be a safe bet

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Indeed :+1: I’m confident it will be good, though hoping the 2016 is outstanding of course :wink:

Aw @Alchemist what time were you in the Showroom today? I was there about half five, would have been great to meet a fellow Community member! :smile:

Wow! I just took a look at the poll in the first post and see we have over 20 people saying they are taking part! How exciting and wonderful to see new faces (and fresh palates!)

I trust you’ve all got the wines in stock or on order and I really look forward to chatting to you on Thursday.

If you get a chance, do please add your voice to the excellent Hello! :) Introduce yourself conversation so we can get to know each other before the main event

:wine_glass: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Hi First timers too Bottles ordered We will be eight as in 8some Hope not to be reeling too much from the effects!

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Hooray and welcome! :smiley: There’s going to be 8 of you?! This is turning into quite the party. :grin:

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Looks like it will be the biggest one yet :+1::+1:

Looking forward to this, I get back from my work trip the day before so it will be well deserved!


Initially we were interested but the £5 postage for the two wines put us off, and having to buy more wine to get free P+P doesn’t seem to make good sense.

That’s a shame. We try to select wines that you can either add to a mixed case or are already included in an offer case.

Not sure if you have other wines on your wishlist but you could put together a mix?


Looking forward to it, all part of my WSET diploma


Pairing wine with food update. Meal chosen for the 3rd May.


Nice to see Koyle mentioned as one of the ‘six names to watch’, in the most recent Decanter issue (article on Colchagua)! Looking forward to tasting their Carmenère!! :grinning:


Hello all. I’ve just joined the community to take part in this tasting - have to admit I’ve never made the effort to explore this part of the Society before.

I vaguely remember joining a TWS-led wine tasting on twitter a few years ago. Can anyone confirm whether this actually happened or is my mind playing tricks on me?


Ha! Yes indeed. We used to run these tastings on twitter.

As twitter has become busier, and introduced what should be tools to make conversations for a group easier to follow, it actually became very hard to follow these tastings.

We have found that the experience of these tastings in the Community is much more organised, and personal. No political, sporting or celebrity-news distractions running through our timeline as we try to focus on the qualities of the wine in hand.

I’m very glad you’ve joined us I hope you enjoy this new space.

For instructions on how we run the evening, please refer to this thread:

It is going to be a great evening :slight_smile:

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Yes I saw that but then they didn’t recommend a Wine from them. Odd. Maybe they didn’t pay decanter enough. Sorry did I say that out loud.


Yes, you got a point! That was somewhat odd… perhaps it didn’t qualify as a ‘POA’ wine. I love those! :wink:

Has anyone else planned out what they’ll be eating with these wines tomorrow night?

I have been super basic and just cross-referenced the food match recommendations on the website to see if there might be any crossover… and there is - ONE! :smile: This recipe is recommended for both wines:

So that’s what we’re having! :laughing:

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