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NEW #TWSTaste [3rd May]: Exhibition Chile



Join us for our next #twstaste virtual tasting as we put two benchmark Chilean wines in the spotlight and ask for your verdict!

May virtual tasting, Thursday 3rd May 2018, 8-9pm

If you’re new to TWS Taste/feel like a refresher, have a read of this topic which explains what it’s all about, and browse through our last tasting to see it in action. :grinning:

We’ve decided to sample two Chilean wines currently featured in our Society & Exhibition offer - an established member favourite and a shiny new addition we hope you’ll be keen to try. The wines you’ll need are:



Fancy taking part? Add a bottle of each of these wines to your next order and make sure it arrives before 3rd May, and join us here at 8pm to taste along. Feel free to cook up a matching dinner or invite some friends around to join in!

Let us know if you’re taking part by replying to this topic and/or voting here:

  • Yes, I’m taking part!
  • No, I can’t make it this time
  • I’ll think about it…

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See you there! :wine_glass:

May 3rd joining instructions
Exhibition Chile - the #TWS Taste event
What's in your basket? [23 Apr]

Sounds lovely! really hoping to take part!.. just need to see if I can move an existing commitment to another evening. Fingers crossed! :crossed_fingers:


Looking forward to it :wine_glass:


Hurrah! Me and the other half will definitely be taking part! Looking forward! :+1: (especially as I really love a good Carménère! :wink:)


I will be very interested to try both, especially the carmenere given the amount of praise Koyle gets in this community.


I’ve ordered the wines, so pencil me in! I’ll see if I can get the other half to contribute her thoughts too.


It would be nice if the twstaste wines were easily found together on the website… I’m putting in an order and had to come back here to search for this thread to add them. Almost didn’t bother but I’d quite like to join this one!


@tom Sorry about that! Yes, for this one it wasn’t so easy, I guess you’d have had to search by country and scroll down a bit to find them. Not ideal. Maybe in future we’ll be able to add a TWS Taste page on the website…

GREAT to hear you’re on board, though! And I’ve just discovered I can definitely make it too (thought I might be out of the country) so I’m really looking forward to it.


I hope so, it would make it simpler, and perhaps more tempting… either under Tastings or Offers & Features I guess makes sense. I’m a lazy shopper, I like to do one-click orders :wink:


Same! :smile: Will look into it.


The crowd of confirmed/hopeful participants is growing nicely! If anyone else intends to take part, don’t forget to buy the wines and get them delivered before 3rd May, and vote in the poll above to let us know you can make it! :smiley:


Thanks for the reminder @laura, need to get an order in…:grimacing:


Just remembered my mum is up for a visit and arrives that day.
Will excuse myself for an hour.
No doubt she will drink some as well :wine_glass:


Looking forward to taking part in my first community wine tasting. Just ordered the wines. Usually a dry day but will make an exception for this. :hugs:



My bottles arrived on Friday (with a few other recommendations from the community - a few were enjoyed over the weekend!)


Luckily something too good to miss came up on the wine society website and I added the Chilean pair to the order, so I’m in. May not be both bottles in one night unless I can get some help from a neighbour or two.


you don’t HAVE to finish them in one go … we accept small tasting sample sizes too :wink:

glad you will join us, and bringing in neighbours sounds like a fantastic idea


Stopping by the Showroom on the way past today, so hope they are in stock! Will be two of us joining next week. Haven’t tasted neither example before so I am very much looking forward to trying them both.


My bottles arrive on Friday in a 27 bottle mega delivery… part purchase part reserves withdrawal. Looking forward to the tasting, always good fun.