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NEW: #TWSTaste [21st March 2019]: Alternatives to NZ Sauvignon Blanc



Like a few others I’m not a huge NZSB fan but I did have TWS Exhibition one last week and was hugely impressed and believe it or not I’m now looking forward to some more. :new_zealand:


Oh dear! Thanks for flagging that - I’ll see if I can get some bottles in the Showroom for anyone else who wants to pop by.


Mini-bump! Just to say this is your last chance to put an order in if you’d like to join us this Thursday. :smiley:


I won’t be there, regrettably, I’m in in America at the moment.

I like NZ SB, but rarely have it at home. Certainly the cheap supermarket ones are reliably mediocre. The time I order it is in a pub or a bar, for instance in an airport, a place that has a restricted range of wine by the glass. Most will be borderline indrinkable, red or white. At least the NZ SB will be zesty & refreshing (acidic?)


My wife opened our bottle of cheverny 2015 the other day while I wasn’t there, and then I was invited to a Brunello tasting so I may be in partial attendance!


Hope she enjoyed it :wink:!


My lips are sealed!


Well, tonight’s the night! I’ll close this thread now and have posted some tidbits of info on the two wines on the live thread below for everyone to digest at their leisure prior to the tasting at 8pm.

Thoroughly looking forward to tasting and chatting with you all then!

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