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NEW: #TWSTaste [20th Feb 2019]: quirky South Africa



Hi everyone!

Time to announce the details of the next #twstaste virtual tasting!

During last month’s Curiosity Shop event, you asked for more quirky wines and also mentioned you’d like to try more South African wines.

So for February’s tasting, we’re exploring South Africa’s take on grape varieties which better known elsewhere in the wine world…

TWSTaste: South Africa, Wednesday 20th Feb 2019, 8-9pm

The wines:



Fancy taking part? Here’s what you need to do:

  • Order both wines for delivery before 20th February
  • Make sure they’re chilled/decanted and ready to go for 8pm on the 20th
  • Join us here on The Community just before 8pm, where we’ll start a new LIVE tasting topic where we can all taste the wines together and share our thoughts

Feel free to invite some friends around/rustle up something delicious to eat with the wines to make a night of it!

Who’s in?

  • I can see no riesling why not!
  • I (Cape of Good) Hope I can attend!
  • This one’s not for me

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Looking forward to it already! :smiley:

Congratulations: New Member(s) of the Month

Sounds great, @laura! I’m definitely in! :+1:

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We are away the week before so pushing it with a delivery date of the day before the tasting but it is a TWS van so I have faith :crossed_fingers:


Wednesdays are no good for us, so we’ll sit this one out.

Have a great evening, looks like a nice line-up! :clinking_glasses:


The KC Riesling is excellent so looking forward to the 20th. Good call on trying South Africa @laura , not an area I tend to go to.


Work commitments mean I’ll have to sit this one out but the lineup looks interesting!


Lovely, looking forward to this! Drinking (& very much enjoying) a lot of South African wines recently — always happy to try more!


Wines just ordered.


Managed to completely forget about January’s tasting, so hoping to revisit the comments from then as we haven’t drunk the wines yet. I know! How have we managed that?! Wednesdays aren’t good for us I’m afraid but hope to be back in March. Have fun!


Wines arrived yesterday. Primed and ready to taste later on today. Food wise we shall be having the Riesling as an aperitif and trying the red with a Cumberland sausage casserole. I think that’s called fusion food isn’t it? Cumberland sausage, South African wine from Portugese grapes varieties😆

PS we have no truck with pale imitations - the best Cumberland sausage comes from Cumberland, and from Cranston’s in Penrith specifically. And now they do mail order!


CRANSTONS DO MAIL ORDER ?? I love that place and load up on the way back from the Lakes so this is very good news :wink:!! Thanks @JayKay!


Very much looking forward to the tastings tonight! We’ll be having ‘Spätzle mit speck’ to go with the Riesling, and leave the remaining red for Saturday. :smiley:


Time to change channels, folks …

… as we move towards tonight’s #TWStaste! Click on the link below and you will be instantly transported across to the main thread for this evening.

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