NEW #TWSTaste [14th June]: BATTLE OF THE BBQ!

Our next #twstaste is on the way, and it’s time for…

The Battle of the BBQ Bargains!

When: Thursday 14th June, 8-9pm

If you’re not familiar with TWS Taste, click here to find out what it’s all about.

But we’re shaking things up a bit for our next virtual wine tasting, trying to find the ultimate barbecue wine champion, and we’re letting you choose the wines we’ll be sending into battle!

Below is a poll featuring a shortlist of 7 wines - 5 reds and whites from our Under £7 offer, and 2 pinks which are about to feature in a rosé offer being mailed out shortly! We’re confident they’re all delicious, great-value barbecue bottles - but which ones would you like to try?

All you have to do is vote for the two wines you’d like to go head to head in our battle of the barbecue virtual tasting. :smiley: Need help choosing? Click the wine name to find tasting notes/info on our website.

The poll closes on Monday 21st May at midday and then we’ll announce the winners.

Vote for your two chosen wines here:

Then you’ve got just over three weeks to order the two winning bottles so they arrive before Thursday 14th June - then get them chilled/decanted and join us here on The Community just before 8pm, where we’ll have a live tasting thread ready to go…

As per usual, we’ll taste the wines together and share our thoughts, and at the end we’ll vote on which wine we think is our ultimate BBQ champion! :trophy: Obviously this time it would be great to taste them alongside some tasty barbecue foods, so feel free to get grillin’!

Who’s in? :smiley: :wine_glass:

  • I’ll be there!
  • I hope I can make it, but I’ll let you know
  • I can’t make it this time

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Oh no - another one I can’t make!

Love the gif, but the nerd in me feels compelled to say that’s a kamado grill, not a BBQ :wink:

Looks to be a great tasting and I like the idea of voting on the final wines!

You’d be surprised how hard it is to find a gif of an angry barbecue… :smile:

Sorry you can’t make it! And of course, you can still vote even if you can’t be there - and you can always try the wines and post your thoughts in the days after the tasting takes place… :smiley:


I’m surprised (and delighted) you managed to find an angry picture of any outdoor cooker :slight_smile:

Nice idea to join in later, I’l Go back and vote!


The voting for the wines is developing nicely! I see the splits are quite even.

I went for two I’ve never tried, though there are some lovely wines on the list

I would have also voted for the current top two… the Nero d’Avola and the Navarra Rose

on second thought I do have a vested interest in what gets tasted and reported on…

I can’t remember the last barbecue I went to that didn’t feature Moldovan Cabernet, so that one might be a bit too obvious.


I think this is a great idea to get people to choose and BBQ is right on theme as my new one is being delivered right now, literally as I type. But I can’t see anything on the list I’d drink at a BBQ.

I really enjoyed getting involved in the last tasting and I hate being critical, but we are a bunch of wine geeks.Judging by the recommendations etc on the forum, I’d say the average spend per bottle is quite a bit higher than the “under £7” I think finding new wines that are interesting regardless of price is where I am rather than having a price limit.

Really sorry for being negative, and whilst I know I’m coming over all wine snobby, I hope I’m amongst friends and like minded people. It’s a shame none of these wines is likely to peek my interest.


Totally get what you’re saying @russ - we probably do have a tendency to discuss wines over the £7 mark here and I’ve loved finding wine recommendations in a price range I wouldn’t necessarily take a punt on without a good reason. I’ve found so many reasons to broaden my wine-drinking horizons and trade up to better examples of styles I love!

But that’s kind of exactly why I thought exploring our sub-£7 range might be fun - not everyone wants to spend that much on a good barbecue quaffer and I’d like to think there’s great wines to be found across the price spectrum (we do have dozens of under £7 wines on offer and our buyers work hard to find great wines at all prices) so this is a chance to find some hidden great-value gems we might not have considered before. :smiley:

It might be unchartered territory for many of us but that’s half the fun - I’m hoping the range on offer might prove a pleasant surprise for some, and also be a more inclusive experience for those of us who tend to buy more everyday bottles (cough myself very much included). :smile:

We’re mixing it up a bit this time but even if this one isn’t for you I hope you’ll join us for the next one.


Personally I don’t mind going sub 7 for the odd tasting and I may even have a bbq for this one!
As long as the tastings are varied I have no problem.
As to this one. Can we have more votes for Argentina🍷


I’m definitely up for a bargain booze tasting. I’m always throwing a few <£7 bottles in a case when I order, if only to make the average bottle price a bit less dramatic.

One thing to keep in mind I guess is that we’ll be trying them out in a very, very different context to when we’ll be unleashing them in the real world, if it’s BBQ wines we’re after.

When swirling, sniffing, slurping and considering during a comfy evening in the living room, I’ll need to imagine instead that I’m knocking back a quick mouthful in between flipping misshapen lumps of charred carcass, eyes streaming from the smoke, shouting at small children to keep back and not touch because it’s really very very hot and ouchy.


Of course, we also have to taste them with a very specific food match in mind…


For a BBQ I think red. White doesn’t do it for me, and I only drink Rose in Provence. (when there isn’t any other choice :slight_smile: )

So just three reds to choose from. Malbec is a great BBQ wine (there is, of course a better one. :wink: but that’s not on the list. )

So for No. 2: Cab Sav or Nero d’ – got to be the latter

I think there is a difference between bbq techniques as to what wine you pair with your food. Charcoal is different to gas in the outcome. My next generation bbq over hot wood in a fire pit or even on a bigger scale straight on the ground. The flavours are amazing.


An interesting tie for second place in the vote at the moment … wonder whether we have to have a play-off or maybe to try three wines?

If you’ve not voted, have your say! The whites and rosés need some love … but the reds are looking tempting


@robert_mcintosh I placed an order the other day including the top 3
When is it decided?
We could taste 3!

The suggestion in the post was:

It might depend on whether we are seeing any more votes coming in and if we have clear winners … there’s no second round of “public vote” like #Eurovision in this case


In a bit on a conundrum here … I have just seen the 2010 Musar listed and I really want it , however, the #twstaste bottles won’t be announced until Monday at which point the Musar will most probably be gone and because I will be away from the 27th until the 10th of June I won’t or rather don’t wish to place another order to ensure timely delivery. Is there anyway these bottles can be announced asap so we can purchase ?? Thanks

You can order the Musar today and delay delivery of your order? If you do that, you’ll be able to add the bottles to your order when they’re announced on Monday (I think you’ll need to call Member Services to do that but they’re a lovely bunch!) and still get delivery before you go away? :smiley:


Ok great thanks Laura as I didn’t want it to sit in my basket and then be removed :tired_face: