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NEW #TWSTaste [11th July]: Wine Champs!



After last week’s barbecue showdown saw a surprising under £7 rosé star steal your hearts, it’s time to announce our next #twstaste!

Wine Champs!

When: Wednesday 11th July, 8-9pm

Edit: If you’re reading this post because you’ve been sent an email invite, you might have noticed that towards the end of the email we accidentally listed the date as 14th June instead of 11th July. Never fear, we’re not expecting major developments in time travel possibilities in the near future - so we’re definitely sticking with the advertised date of 11th July.

If you’re new to TWS Taste/feel like a refresher, have a read of this topic which explains what it’s all about,

Our Wine Champs offer is one of the most anticipated of the year, and you’re really spoilt for choice, so we thought we’d pick two Society-label favourites - both produced by co-ops - which wowed us in the blind tastings this year:

Fancy taking part? Add a bottle of each of these wines to your next order and make sure it arrives before 11th July, and join us here at 8pm to taste along. Feel free to cook up a matching dinner or invite some friends around to join in!

Who’s in this time?

  • Yes, let’s taste the Champs!
  • I can’t make it this time. :frowning:
  • I hope I can make it - I’ll let you know

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Looking forward to seeing you there. :smiley:


Already got a stash of the Valpol Rip so plenty of room for wish list additions in the next order.


This Gruner has been sitting in my wish list for ages, so thanks @laura, I have to buy it now…:joy:


It is the second all TWS branded line up… I think that is over representing these wines…


Argh. Away for work AGAIN! The wines look great though. I’ll certainly pick them up and either rush home or take part retrospectively again :slight_smile:


Appreciate this, but we had to pick two wines we knew would be in stock for the duration (not easy in an offer as popular as this, I can tell you!) and we also firmly believed these were significantly different from what we’ve tried before and deserved their moment in the limelight. We’ve never tasted an Austrian wine in #twstaste, and these are very different to the Exhibition wines we’ve tasted in the past - so we hoped people would be keen to give them a try.

That said, we’re aiming to avoid Society wines in the next few tastings after this to give some other wines a chance to shine! Hope you’ll still take part - they’re Wine Champs winners for a good reason and have stood out from 800 wines in a blind tasting so we hope they’ll be worth it! :smiley:


I can vouch for the Society Valpolicella Ripasso… fantastic red at an unbelievable price! :+1::wine_glass:


8pm on a Wednesday is rarely good for a sit-down, sniff and slurp here at Château Herbster; sadly, that includes 11 July.

Looks like a delicious line-up though and I hope y’all enjoy it - I’ll be sure to read through the thread afterwards! :clinking_glasses:


I’ll manage though it’s 30 mins after I get back from Yoga and I will probably be intoxicated a lot quicker :woman_in_lotus_position:


And I can vouch for the Gruner. It’s the best I’ve tasted at this price, and i love Gruner…


Like you, I also love a good Grüner (and in fact, also learning to appreciate Roter Veltliner)- so that’s really good to hear! Looking forward to the tasting…!


Just a quick bump to highlight this post edit…

That was very much my bad - sorry guys! Will make sure it doesn’t happen again - in the mean time, it’s good to see we’ve had a few new people signing up to the tasting - do let us know if you’re taking part by voting in the poll in the post above!


Looking forward to it @laura. I can highly recommend it to anyone who’s not done it before . I’m also looking forward to seeing @JReed 's intoxicated comments :laughing::joy:


Nothing new from me then Leah :rofl:


Looking forward to it - my first #TWTTaste


@Winerack144 Woohoo! Welcome - it’s a very friendly bunch so I hope you’ll have fun. Are you planning on trying the wines alongside any nice food? I normally do but I’m a bit stumped about what to cook for this one… what goes with gruner veltliner and Valpolicella?! :grimacing:


Looks like you’ll have to cook TWO dishes @laura, tapas anyone? :smile:


Ooh yes, Austrian and Italian tapas! :rofl: Now there’s a challenge! ** orders schnitzel and pizza from Waitrose ** :wink:


Could be interesting, and dangerous, for me as my wife is out with a friend (at London’s first fully gluten free Italian restaurant [http://www.leggero-london.com]) and I have two bottles to taste …

tapas dishes sounds like a good idea and something Northern Italian probably makes sense for both of these


Cured meats and cheeses would be my suggestion. Parmesan, Speck, prosciutto, garlic bread/pizza (no tomato)? Or, if you want a proper meal, Parmesan, speck, prosciutto and garlic with pasta!
If you are a dab hand with making pizza, you could put above ingredients on the pizza and use mascarpone/olive oil as the base instead of tomato.