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New to Wine tasting? Looking to increase your tasting skills?


I hadn’t spotted this, but there have been several suggestions or requests for advice for new members who are just getting into wine, so it makes sense to share it (thanks for spotting it @szaki1974)


Attention all new members and Society tastings novices: this tasting needs you!

Many people are initially put off from attending a tasting as they worry they might feel out of their depth, or, worse still that the event might be a stuffy affair full of wine bores! Obviously here at The Society we suffer no such horrors, and so to tempt all members who are either new to The Society or new to tastings in general to come along and test the water, we are hosting a series of tastings with newcomers in mind.

If you are new to wine, then this might be a great place to start.

And if you have just joined the community and maybe are thinking “I don’t know enough about wine to post here” PLEASE do! This community is for all members and we want to hear from everyone - and if you have questions, want advice on where to start, or what to try, we would be very happy to help.

Hello! :) Introduce yourself

I must say that the list of wines to be tasted looks excellent. 2003 Claret :+1:


Hi all you budding tasters. If you live in the North East Lincolnshire region there is a good wine tasting group which meets regularly with the aim of enjoying wines and improving wine knowledge. It has been running for 20 years and includes several WS members in its number. It is good fun, friendly and worthy of a try if you want to meet other wine enthusiasts and expand your tasting repertoire. I can supply contact details if interested.


I’m not in NE Lincolnshire, unfortunately, but could there be a permanent place on this site for people seeking groups and groups seeking people?


There can be. We’ve already created a few test groups like this, so if there are more volunteers, let me know