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New Tasmanian Pinot Noir

Reading the 1874 I was intrigued to see a new Tasmanian Pinot Noir offered in a mixed pack of Premium New World Pinot Noir

This is probably a question the wine buyer can answer, but is this the flagship Freycinet Vineyard Pinot Noir rebranded due to naming issues with a certain Spanish Cava? If so, I’m going all in for a case!

Any help will be appreciated!


I can’t say if it’s the flagship PN, but it certainly seems to be Freycinet Vineyard as that is who comes up under the Producer profile when I clicked on More Information. Hope that helps :blush: Beautiful part of the world!

How much !!!

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I think it is as their website is mentioning the 2018 Freycinet Pinot Noir and previously the Society have stocked the Louis Pinot Noir. It’s not too badly priced too

It is indeed the top pinot from Freycinet, just under their Wineglass Bay label they have to use for the UK.

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I received two bottles of the 2008 in a mixed case quite a few years ago. The second was broached in 7/18. Enthusiastic would be the best way to sum up the notes I made back then!

The drinking window given is no exaggeration if it’s similarly structured. Mine still had years in it and possibly room for further development too.

Thank you for getting this back in stock. I usually buy mine from the Cellar Door but COVID-19 has stopped that this year. It’s great to see such an iconic Australian Pinot Noir available in the UK. Let’s hope it’s a success!

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Could you, please, compare it to the Kooyong Meres vineyard wine recently listed.

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Went to purchase some but appears to be out of stock/sold out. Obviously popular.

yes, I was putting together a reserves case to be earmarked for withdrawal in 2030… the two bottles of this disappeared from my basket in the process

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Now showing as due in on 19th March and just 77 bottles left, so fill your boots.


I may have reduced that just now with a case going into my reserve!

I think @Freddy deserves a pay rise for sourcing this wine again for the Society. This is one of only two Tassie wines and the only Tassie Pinot in the current Langton’s classification. It’s always on my visit and purchase list every time I visit Tassie. It’s quite a homespun Cellar Door with little to give away how good the wines are on tasting. It’s amazing to see how small an operation it is with everything done on site.


And out of stock again

and now available to order once more. :crazy_face:

hmmm, curious.

Might it be that stock levels of certain lines are sensibly being regulated to avoid giving away the commercially sensitive information that was previously so readily available…?

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Gone again