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New Offers on the board


Just seen these pop up

Loving the look of the SA offer, some very tempting bottles there,


Thanks for posting that, @Brocklehurstj . Tempting prices on the SA wines I’ve looked at.


Pesky TWS. Just as I was on a buying embargo they issue that South Africa offer. Resistance is futile!!!


Some cracking wines on the SA offer! I’m going t find it hard not to buy some :see_no_evil:




I am finding the Cinderella selection interesting, might be some hidden gems there.


Nice to see there was a good little saving for buying the Vergelegen and the Meerlust en primeur a couple of years back :+1:


Interested to see (in the buyers favourites ‘offer’) that Toby Morrhall, the burgundy buyer, doesn’t drink any any WS Burgundy at home.


Yes, I guess they only ever drink what’s listed in the pdf and nothing else ever.


It’s only their favourites. I’d suggest that he might just drink more than the 5 red varieties mentioned there (of which three are Chilean of which he is also the buyer).

It may be that, like many, he no longer considers Burgundy to be good enough VFM to make his favourites list.


Meetrlust still a fair bit cheaper than the current market price.


Was interested in the Boekenhoutskloof Syrah case. Anybody tried a bottle recently. Heard good things. But never tried myself. Not cheap so was wondering if it was worth a go?


I haven’t but I looked at reviews and wasn’t convinced on vfm.


Ok. Thanks. Might try the Vergelegen as I think it’s more in my price range and perhaps better value?


Any South African Syrah you could recommend?


Vergelegen is the first specific wine I ever remember having, so I hold a special place for it.


Yes. I’ve had there wines a lot in the past. Need to give them a go again now!!


But quite a hike from the 21.50 I paid for the 2014 last August.

Appreciate that the ‘15 is rated a better wine though.


Now I’ve had a chance to look, I’d agree. Some great-looking summer reds in there


had a bottle of the Iona ‘Solace’ from 2014 before and loved it. at £21 a bottle, it’s pretty good vfm