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New offers have just landed


An interesting looking selection, pretty much exactly what I’m most interested in - Italy (finally a Frappato!!), value Bordeaux, Loire, and some more upmarket Rioja. I’m interested in the format though - not as glossy as usual and in A5 leaflet format. Is this a conscious more environmentally friendly approach? If so, nice one. The content isn’t compromised and I think it’s as easy to digest as ever. :+1:


You may or may not be aware but we have been trialing a few different formats/layouts/sizes of offers over the past few offer packs - its great to hear that you like the format and I will forward it onto the campaigns team here. We are still trying a few different creatives to help members understand the regions more and get as excited about the wines from the regions as we do.


We’ve been doing Nicosia’s Frappato since the 2010 vintage (with the exception of 2013 & 2015, which we felt were not up to scratch). This 2016 version is particularly delicious as doubtless you’ll discover shortly :wink:


This looks very tempting:


Is there a price advantage in buying a mixed case rather than individual bottles? I haven’t done the maths and nothing is indicated but the ‘offer ends…’ statement suggests there is.


There is sometimes a small advantage in buying a mixed case - when it starts to be a substantial saving, then we do the maths for you and mention it. For example, in our current Italian offer the New finds case saves you £3.20, wheareas the Hofstätter case saves you £8 (see below).

The ‘offer ends …’ date signifies that we may not be putting together those mixed cases from that day forward, or that any savings mentioned anywhere in the offer will end, or that some wines may no longer be available from that date. Hope that helps.