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New Offers - Bordeaux & Burgundy


Just spotted a couple of new offers on the website:

Bordeaux: Good, Better & Best, a page of each category

Burgndy: 6 White Burgundies

I don’t have a clue about any of the wines high;ighted, though I do have a bottle of the Cordier sitting the rack, which is in this month’s community tasting.


There’s white Bordeaux in the offer! This excites me far more than it should!


Charmail and Potensac are usually pretty good clarets IMO.


Me too but wish there was more of it.

Dry white from Bordeaux is so often overlooked but it is lovely and a great addition to the cellar as it is one of the few white wines that has the potential to age so well.


Looks like there might be some pricing discrepancies between the website and PDF - Gruaud Larose available at £57 online rather than £59 in the PDF, and quite a few available in sixes rather than dozens


It’s just a shame there isn’t a bigger representation of midpriced dry whites . There are only 2 really that are worth bothering with on this offer. It seems to always be the case which is a real shame .


Totally agree that there should be more. The fact that there’s any, given some TWS offers/most other wine merchants, is progress.

When I visit Bordeaux (which seems to have become an annual event, more for the town being lovely than the wine), it’s always whites that come back with me. I’ve also been known to order from here, in a similar vein to Vinissimus for Spanish (and increasingly Italian) wines not easily available over here.

My current favourites are Chateau Bauduc for weeknight drinking, and Chateau Brown or the Second wine from Smith Haut Laffite for a treat. I also have a Marlatic Legravier blanc in my wine rack.

Any recommendations for others to investigate?


we love the whites from Listrac - which was a white wine producing commune at one time

esp Fourcas Dupre - we also like their second wine “bellevue Lafont” Patrice used to supply TWS, but when I asked him why no longer it was because of erratic ordering

Piece from Chris Kissack on Listrac whites and review of F-D


I bought this which is great value.

In their words " The absolute, complete, knock-it-out-of-the-park bargain of Bordeaux 2015 has just fallen into your lap… and it’s a dry white Bordeaux. Made by Haut-Brion. For under £15 per bottle IB."


That sounds excellent, and as previously discussed probably unbuyable in this country!

I’ll unleash the googles!


Looks delicious, certainly is available (for now, at least).

Bit much for me, but if you want to split a case…


Tempting, but not this month. Probably more specifically not until I’ve found out how much I’ve spent on the Rhone EP.


I think they sell it in Harrods. I certainly saw the Clarendelle Rouge there when I was last there.

I’ve never bought any wine from their wine store but always pop in if I’m in the area as it’s quite incredible.

You can spend quite some time there. Wine porn.


Ch Carbonnieux Blanc 2017 was delicious when I tasted it last autumn, so I bought a case - maybe one to investigate? Think it’s about £20/bottle.

I’ve also enjoyed Ch La Louviere Blanc and Ch Lestrille Capmartin Blanc - think about £25 and £15 respectively.


Yes, Carbonnieux Blanc is usually v. good. Also Fieuzal blanc and Clos Floridene spring to mind, but in all honesty there is a raft of others I have never tried.

In a similar vein, the dry whites from the Sauternes area are interesting to try. A bit heavier perhaps, as you might expect. G de Guiraud is affordable and worthwhile.

To be honest, white Bordeaux span the gamut from light, unoaked sauvignon blanc wines right through to complex, barrel-matured blends which merit some cellar time.


The Ch Valois is very good but I’m not sure I can take the price hike from £24 for the '12 to £35 for the '15.

The Château Carteau Côtes Daugay is excellent value for money and has hardly gone up from the '10 that I have/had.

And the Marquis de Calon '10 is a lovely Saint Estephe.

I could easily be tempted by all three of them!