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New museum release

First time i’ve attempted starting a topic so :crossed_fingers:

There appears to be another tranche of museum release wines released to day.


Happy Easter to all who celebrate


Nothing that really caught my eye in this one. I preferred the big museum release towards the end of last year that (I think) had much more in the sub-£30 bracket. As much as i’d like to try some aged examples, I can’t really afford premier cru burgundy…

If any Society staff are reading this I’d love to see some mature Beaujolais in one of the museum releases. TWS always talk about the ability of crus such as Morgon and MaV to age really well but I’ll unfortunately have to wait at least another 5 years to be able to find out for myself.


Antony I argee with you 100%. I would love to try a 5-6 year old Morgon and Mav I have some in my reserve but woul;d like to try one now. Lawrence

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The museum label does seem to be applied somewhat randomly, this has been on the list for months without it:



Think mine are all about or over 10, but a 20 or 30 year old one would be fun!

Nothing too interesting here, I don’t think.

So often just marketing?


Now out of stock so it worked…

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Some new museum releases live now in the Alsace (Boxler, Beyer…), Languedoc (Gassac, Minervois) and Loire (aged cab franc) sections of the site.

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Thanks for that, I might well have missed them, with none being included in the ‘New Wines’ page of the website.

Might have something to do with an email that went out about small quantities of Fine Wine now on the website…?

You are an influencer …!!!

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It must the new exhibits in the Wine Society Museum of Modern Wines. Spin or What?