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New Member - how to redeem £20 benefit

I received membership as a gift and the welcome letter says I get £20 off my first order. There is no voucher code and when I go to place my first order, there is no automatic deduction. There is no credit on my account either. Any suggestions?

Hmmm, can’t remember, sorry.

If you call member services on 01438 741177 I’m sure they’ll be able to help get you on track.

This happened to me, and it took several twitter messages (public) to sort it out. They took forever to reply to emails. Very frustrating that they still haven’t solved this. My membership was also a gift, so perhaps they have particular problems with that?

I had just dug out the confirmation email from my very first order… it looks like you have to actually complete the order, and then the discount shows on the invoice as ‘new member discount: -£20’

So although initially it looks as if you’re about to pay the whole sum, upon invoicing/confirmation of order it is deducted.

Even if it doesn’t happen in the worst case scenario - give Member Services a call, and they will credit the £20 to your account.

Oh, and by the way - welcome to the Community, @shroplad! :smiley:


No. The problem may persist. I remember that when I tried this, it showed not as a deduction but as an increase of £20 on the total.