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New look, same Society



Strange for me to ‘agree’ with the mentors but I can’t see what’s the issue. Having checked the images out as Laura suggested, I’m rather pleased that they’re not that really awful red plastered all over. Black/White okay for me. would have preferred it to just say The Wine Society though.


I catch up on this thread from time to time and when I do it reminds that there is a new logo. I wonder if I would even have noticed otherwise.
I didn’t join because of the logo, and I don’t care much about the logo either. Is this an unusual perspective? I’m interested in the wine, and that’s why I joined. I can’t be the only one!


Nah, I’m not bothered either! :man_shrugging:

I guess these rebrandings are to catch the eye of potential new members rather than people like us. It didn’t particularly interest me: the old look was fine and the new look is fine. I’m sure it was done for very sound reasons, and a lot of thought and work went into it, but I just tuned out.


the old look was fine and the new look is fine

Yes, that’s about it!


While it’s nice to have change highlighted, ‘brand’ is more than just the logo. As long as TWS continues to provide members with great choice and service, with some fun perks (like those golden bottles and a chance to attend press tastings) thrown in, TWS can play around with the logo all it wants. I quite like it btw.


Agree, but what was really annoying was all the WS fuss and hype. If you think the new logo is good, then trust it. Just use it. Don’t go on about it. New users don’t know the old one, so don’t care; most existing users won’t notice or care. Send explanations only to those who ask.


I guess the hype involved in re-branding for the new younger customers that TWS is hoping to attract, was bound to grate on ‘old faithfuls’ like us. It just depends on how far they go in search of the young £. It has been the same with organisations like the BBC who consciously wreck a good thing in pursuit of change. We’ll see. One thing is for sure, with the failure (perhaps) of independents like Majestic incl Lay and Wheeler and Oddbins, there’s not a lot of choice left. Let’s hope TWS doesn’t play on that!


It doesn’t grate, it’s just not on my radar.

They can do things with the logo if they like - I’m just here to buy wine.