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New look, same Society



It could easily be done as one of those wiki threads. With just the one post listing the wines and that would be modifiable at any time.


A follow-up on the enomatics:

anyone near Stevenage who likes Rhone should think about going in this week: the paying one has 4 whites (which I didn’t try) and 4 reds:
Vacqueyras Blanc Cl des Cazeaux 17
St Peray Dme Bernard Gripa 17
St 1oseph lieu dit St J Guigal 16
Ch’neuf du Pape Blanc Ch Mont Redon 17

St Joseph, Chave 15: worth the journey
Cornas les Chaillots Dme Thierry Allemand 08, good, but slightly disappointing in this company
Gigondas Dme Raspail-Ay 15
Ch’neuf du Pape Cuvee Etienne Gonnet Dme Font de Michelle 09: very spicy, excellent now.

On the free ones, I was slightly disappointed in the Society Hungarian white, the Mavrud Villa Melnik Bulgarian red was juicy if you like that sort of thing.


Ok, based on this, here’s a wiki:

I rarely go to the showroom so anyone that does can update as and when. All you need to do is replace the links.

There were two melnik’s on the list and didn’t know which one was in the machine. hopefully all the other links are correct.


Worth a visit indeed!


Thank you! Loud&Proud Mavrud Villa Melnik 2017


I fail to see the value of any new logos or most rebrandings. I can understand why the Boeing 737 MAX may be being given a new name but otherwise think all these changes are a waste of time and money. I don’t believe they create any additional sales and those they may do need to be netted off by the sales lost by people disenchanted by the change.
Spend the money keeping up the wine discovering, storing and selling instead of lining PR companies’ pockets!


Wait, what? any new logo?


You wouldn’t believe how much the transition in your second example cost … :grinning:


many iterations in between !


With thanks to @tom: I have now put the complete list (as of this morning) of the enomatic wines on the wiki.


Thanks. Hope some are still there next week!!


PS - I like the logo and new look website too. Keep up the great work!


and your point is what exactly?


…that this community is full of people who view the world very differently. :joy:


Just received my first wine order in new branding. This is clearly a case of ‘change for change sake’. The results are staggeringly underwhelming. I thought a few boxes of commercial catering supplies had been delivered to the wrong address! The small anticipation and excitement of opening The Society wine boxes to reveal the treasures within was robbed of me with cheap, insincere and jingoistic instructions telling me to “enjoy” and “some of the best vineyards in the world are within”. The creatively barren new branding is a race to the commoditised bottom, that in no way represents what the Society stands for. Gaining more customers need not be at the expense of the rich heritage of the Society. I am so disappointed I haven’t bothered to open my wine delivery at time of writing.


Strong reaction for a box!

Anyone got a pic of the new branding? I’ve not had an order since they changed it, would love to see what is so bad about it!


Yes! The cases are featured in our latest Take It Easy offer (promoting our pre-mixed cases) - particularly you can get a few examples via the PDF which is on the website:


Doesn’t look so offensive to me. I’d probably even still drink the wine that was packaged in it :slight_smile:


Did the wine arrive broken? Are all the bottles you ordered included? If so hasn’t the box done it’s job?

Surely the box is irrelevant, it’s whats inside that matters. Would you rather the society spend more on box design or would it be better spent on the wine?


Agree about utility being my main concern rather than graphic design. If the boxes were flimsier that would be a different matter.