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New look, same Society



Does anyone else collect the lists? I think I have most of them since I joined.


mine ‘went missing’ during a spring clean by my OH


I know the feeling…I stashed away some old Lay & Wheeler and WS lists, plus back copies of Trout & Salmon magazine in a cupboard in the garage, but she found them, and they were no more…


I jumped before I was pushed: ten years’ worth of Decanter. But I could count on one hand the number of times I’d actually consulted a back copy, so it was no big loss for me.


Next week’s headline:

Area man arrested after drunken rage as prices for back copies of popular wine mag soar.


I used to have a full run of Annual Reports from my Cambridge college, 1970 to date. The real value was the obituaries - a high proportion had wild & wacky careers, ending up as suffragen bishop of Waziristan or similar. I’m writing my own, my son has it and will send it in in due course.


What a horrific backwards step and missed opportunity. The new logo and design language looks cheap, shoddy and undistinctive. It’s as if ALDI has copied TWS for one of their own-brands.

Where’s the heritage and expertise gone?

Looking at the gallery of the old Lists, the production values have plummeted recently.


Personally I hate the new logo which just seems grubby!


New site looks and feels great. It comes across very clean, clear and modern.


How many of us could have guessed what would happen to the logo?

Design agency told to modernise it - what can they do? Change font from serif to san-serif. Easy. Change fancy box to plain square. Easy. Change solid block of background colour to unsolid. Easy.

And one can imagine the suggestions which were blocked. “The Wine Society 1874” is old-fashioned. Remember what Mrs Thatcher said about ‘society’ and 1874? Seriously?
We’ll rename it to WineSoc.

Maybe we should drop ‘wine’ since you increasingly sell beer and you have oils and spirits…, how about WOSOC?


How about a nice swoosh on your website?"

I was at WOSOC Cellars at the weekend and outside are huge new logo signs. The (cloudy, watery?) background gives the appearance that it’s faded rather than a deliberate pattern, and when printed in B&W on the invoice looks like a problem with the print…


Much like Piet Mondrian’s Tableau I, as soon as you see it you just say ‘I could do that’ - but did you?


The difference is that if I produced something like that people would just think I’d been decorating the bathroom, whereas if Warhol, Hirst or, of course, Mondrian does something like that it’s worth millions! :frowning:


@peterm sadly we are no longer the wine industry’s best kept secret, we’re right up there now with Lidl, Aldi and the rest of them, loud and proud!


Mitch - you never asked me!


Why ‘sadly’?

We need to move with the times. We need to broaden our appeal. We need to attract new members. We can do this by championing the joy of good wine. The good wine is a given - and wine is a joyful product, so it’s down to all of us as members (not just staff) to transmit that joy to others.

The feedback we have had from members on the new look has been overwhelmingly positive which, to those who have put so much work into it, has been most satisfying.

A co-operative business thrives because of its people, and the more like-minded people we have on board as members the better. While we’re neither profit- nor growth-maximising, in order to be around for the next 145 years, we need to attract future members. Proud and vocal is good, especially if our values, the quality of our wines and our pricing policy remain steadfastly the same as they have been since 1874.


I’m going to add my voice to those who approve. I like the new logo, and having just completed my first order since the update, the whole site seems a lot cleaner to use. Good job.


The website no longer gives the wines in the enomatics; you have to email to ask. And information about the showroom is still hidden, under ‘plans and services’.


To be fair to the team, the wines on tasting is only really relevant to someone who can travel to Stevenage…for most of us the website and the postal offers are the main way in. I would imagine that the shop could start a community thread with the wines in the Enomatics (to make those of us not nearby nice and jealous!)


Yes, that would be one solution, and of course this is of interest to those planning a visit to Stevenage, but why have less information on the new website than the old?


Flexibility I would imagine. They’ll now be able to react to changes in availability, specific promotions, weather etc. without having to get someone authorised to or capable of making changes to the whole website.

A thread on the community is a nice idea @thewinerunner - very easy to update and with a permanent link from the website