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New look, same Society



Yes. The link to the community definitely needs to be more obvious.

If someone who logs in regularly has to dig around to find it, there’s no way it will be clicked on out of curiosity.


As I mentioned in the topic I’ve linked to below, I’ve passed the feedback from this topic to the web guys and the Executive Team this morning and it’s all being looked at. :smiley: It’s really helping our ongoing tweaks/ironing out teething problems so a big thanks to you all! Keep feeding back if you notice anything else. :slight_smile:


This has probably already been picked up, but when logging into the Community it’s still the old WS logo at the page top.


You have to clear the cache. Same happened to me.


Ctrl+F5 will sort :slightly_smiling_face:


Ha ha! It works, too! :+1: :grinning:


We were busy doing it several times yesterday as the updates were happening!


Bingo! Thanks Ewan.


That swoosh. Oh dear.

For those who wish do something similar, here’s a free download.


All this re-branding got me thinking about the logos used by TWS over the years. I was curious to see what previous iterations there had been. It seems the original logo had a good long life! Is anyone interested in a poll?

Which is your favourite seal?

  • Original Seal
  • Until 2013
  • 2013-2019
  • 2019+

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Here is a screenshot from around 2012, hopefully everyone will see the work that has been put into the site over the years.

Or maybe 2006?


Oh my! I remember the 2006 site! :see_no_evil:
At least we didn’t have random music playing when you loaded the homepage like some websites from that era I can remember…!


Cheap Wine and Cheaper Women - Airbourne.
Hmm … that would sort of work, except “cheap wine” may not be the look TWS is promoting :thinking:


Two More Bottles of Wine - Emmylou Harris.
That’s the promotion when you order a dozen bottles, and you get TWO mystery bottles in addition …


(Sorry, couldn’t resist …)

We still use the original seal on official documents, and have the wax seal machine on show in our Members’ Room.


Was curious about this graphic - is that all the logos TWS have used? What’s the one on the Bin series about?


The Bin Series is its own thang, derived from the original seal, which was effectively our logo until 1960. The next version (1960 to 2013) went through various iterations / tidying up over those years, but not so you’d notice. 2013 was smartening / cleaning up of that 1960 logo, before the change we’ve just seen.


I guess that answers my second question, which is why it doesn’t have a start date :smiley:


red red wine - neil diamond / UB40
anything by simply red - Mick is a big wine buff
Hit me with your rhythm stick - Ian Dury and the blockheads - just the ‘in the vineyards of Bordeaux’ section on loop


You can see some of the previous lists on the below page, looks like the first time it was shown on the front of the list is Autumn 1964 so its been the same ‘until 2013’ seal for about 50 years.