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New look, same Society



Check it out now - we are gradually changing over everything, as you might guess, there are quite a few logos to change and update!


Social is done! :grinning:

By the way, if anyone’s confused and can’t see the new logo on this Community or our social media profiles, it will help to clear your cache - I had to!

Depending which internet browser you use, just google ‘how to clear cache on [eg Firefox]’ and you’ll find instructions.


More of a query than anything else, but I notice that the link to the community that used to sit on the top ribbon seems to have gone - is there a new way of getting from the website to the community page?


There is a link in the footer of the site, you can also simply bookmark the community on your browser rather than clicking through to the site to then click to the community, also most browsers store a history of previous sites so it should pop up when you start typing etc.


Believe me, I wanted to keep the Community logo on the nav bar! But there wasn’t room for it unfortunately. I’m trying to find other ways of including links to it in easier-to-find places, so I’ll update as and when we manage this. :+1:


Ah yes, thanks - missed the link in the footer! Got to it fine as in history, just old habits and all that - used to opening the main site and then quickly clicking through to the community


I always tend to keep both the community pages and the main site open on different tabs. I’d do this by first opening the main and then clicking on the community. So now I’ll simply reverse that (hate having too many bookmarks - actually I’ve already got too many - must do a clear out!) and make my bookmark the community and then use the link at the top of the community page to open the main site. Easy!


Yup! I tend to do the same. Might also adopt your solution!


Sensing some inspiration was drawn from another well loved British institution -

Do you guys want any small bug fix or niggles pointed out or are you having a well earned cup of tea and basking in a job well done?


We are still going live with various bits behind the scenes, there will probably be a fair few number of little tweaks today to fix certain oddities.


Is it my imagination or have you (finally) tweaked up the timeout on being logged in?

As I say may just be my imagination but it seems like I’ve still been logged in a couple of times when I was expecting to have to log in again.

If so, thank you! If not, then my sense of time is off this morning!


I so hope the ‘swoosh’ at the foot of the page is temporary ! laughably tacky - cant believe a design agency actually charge for the work. And while I’m having a rant - the new BRIGHT red logo seems to have a wine stain bottom RH corner.


now this is the big thing…we all have different opinions and likes …its what makes the world an interesting place

I quite like the “swoosh” it makes me think if wine bing poured into or swirled around a glass .

the logo does look to be a composite of different hues/shades of red though

but i’m not that sure either of these points will affect the wine we purchase from the society :slight_smile:


Ah, opinions…

An agency will charge for the whole piece. TWS haven’t paid a fee for this swoosh.


Opinions indeed. I’m not a fan of the swoosh but realise it may be very appealing to others. These swooshes were doing the rounds a lot on do-it-yourself web page builders 5 or so years ago and I think those of us who may have seen them may be having flashbacks to dark days!

One issue however which could do with sorting is highlighted in your screengrab. The graduated shading (horizontal) pixellates heavily on hd displays. This makes it look pretty budget when i look at it on my workstation. The screengrab below illustrates this (at native resolution).




I like the new look. It’s clean, stylish and still classic.

Well done all concerned.


Me too. Font is nice and clear as well.

Good job all.


Not only the swoosh unfortunately. Even the logo looks a bit hazy on HD screens. The new font looks a bit odd in Chrome - maybe the HD monitor thing. Please though can you guys find a way to link to the community. Stuffed down the bottom of the site will not help it grow. May I suggest in the Red top bar with the account details and login area?


I agree, and I’ll try again to see if we can get it positioned better on the homepage. This feedback from you guys really helps, so thanks!

Just to clarify - the logo is supposed to have a sort of ‘wine stain’ background. But if that’s not what you meant and it’s actually looking fuzzy/out of focus, let me know! I’ll feedback all the comments here. :smiley:


No the actual text is a bit fuzzy… It’s has if the rendering to jpeg format as gone a bit wrong. It’s worse the smaller the logo is - ie this page it’s even worse than on the main page