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New look, same Society



I bet TWS was giving out leaflets of certain wines release date (and time) to the industry at the event … Chave 16 and other Rhône rarities. :wink:


they gave samples too…whole bottles to anyone that was interested I heard :wink:


New look, same community!


I’ll wait till I see the full re-design rolled out before I comment. What I have noticed of late is that The Society seems to be becoming a touch more “pushy” than before: lots more special offers, buy 12 get 1 free, etc. The old philosophy was simply “best possible prices all the time”. I hope The Society isn’t going to become like Laithwaites and the other wine clubs, all aimed at coaxing us to buy and spend more and more. Any one agree?


I received a 13th bottle with my most recent order, which was obviously nice. I think to have promotions like this and the multi case offers occasionally is pretty harmless. I think what everyone wants to avoid is a drift towards the kind of ‘dishonest’ pricing that you see elsewhere, with headline prices inflated to allow for discounting. It seems to me that the effect of that kind of thing is that many people will only buy when things are are on ‘sale’. I much prefer the way that the wine society does it when the price is the price.


The key thing for me is that the fundamental principles are still 100% the same, we don’t do false discounting, our wines are always good value and at the lowest price possible, our buyers aren’t constrained in terms of what they buy (and are probably the most experienced/most qualified buying team in the world). Coupled with great member service who do bend over backwards for members to make sure things are right.

I think the main thing for me personally is that the more successful The Wine Society is in terms of the underlying business (that the members own), the more The Society is able to put that back into making things even better for members. Basically, the most good value wine you drink, the better it gets!


I’m disappointed that TWS isn’t ditching the “1874” - seems to me like the last hangover from the ‘Abigail’s Party’ generation


The ‘pushiness’ seems to be extending to the Society’s interventions in this Community. I want to find the real latest posts under ‘latest’, not 2 pinned Society notices.


‘pinning’ posts is common social media practice to gather interest in a subject or to remind people of an event - such as the AMAs

I would hardly classify these as “interventions” or ‘pushy’ - and if I’m correct, I think moderators could pin topics too.

An intervention would be closing a topic because it went against the ‘party line’ - and in my time on here I can’t remember this having been done.


Dishonest pricing! Don’t get me stated! One of the things I like about TWS is the relative honesty in pricing. If you buy a case it is typically just 6 or 12 times the price of the single bottle. I hate that in Majestic you have to ‘mix 6’ to get a half decent price, the single bottle price is generally exorbitant. Even when TWS does bin ends the prices are not that heavily reduced. And, based on TWS prices generally being less than anyone else’s, I make the assumption that this is because there’s simply no margin to reduce the price further.


you can also very easily unpin those topics in significantly less time than it takes to complain… the method helpfully explained below



guessing that wasn’t know in original comment - simple click on the ‘pin’ and…gone


Yes, of course, but why should I have to do this? I didn’t notice at first that it was pinned, and tried to work out why this unnecessary text had appeared. It is acceptable for Wine Society employees to post information, but not to push it.


Just back from a week away decorating my son’s kitchen/dining room and helping myself to some of his WS reds gratis as suggested.

I’ve looked and looked at the new logo and there is little to dislike about it apart from the somewhat ‘un-wine-like’ colour red. Surely a good Burgundy or Claret hue would have withstood criticism better. On the whole it is pretty uncluttered. I personally think the date looks good and should be retained. But the Colour please!!!


Is it just me or has the whole world gone a bit sort of ‘red’???


Thank goodness for that, I thought it was just me!


New look indeed


I’ve been seeing red for years… :neutral_face:


Pointless…and annoying. Had me checking my settings or whether there was some new colour code on notifications. Don’t change what you don’t have to.


Agree with that. Red is a poor colour to use - you instinctively feel that there must be some sort of error.