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Tempier rose 2020 bottles and mags now appearing on the site…
I’ve exceeded my wine budget for the year already, so I’m sitting this one out, but couldn’t resist the Domaine Jones Grenache Gris, on a supplier-funded c.40% off for 6, this week only. Was on a similar deal last year, and really excellent vfm at under £10 / bottle.

Plus, like reserves deliveries, when it’s on a massive discount, it doesn’t count as spending, right?


I just bought this too, was intrigued by the grape

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For me, a notable step up from Grenache Blanc.

Jancis Robinson had something (free to access) to say about the grape a while ago:

Right, I’ve given in to FOMO and have now got my grenache ordered, so you are all welcome to talk about it as much as you like!

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