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New List + Inserts


I received the new list today in the post (hurray!)

I believe it was suggested at some point, possibly in regards to the tastings pamphlet, that we could compare what inserts came with out packets.

Along with the List, I’ve received:

  • Tasting and Events
  • Where’s the Value
  • Rhone 2016: an early taste for everyday drinking
  • Society News (community shout-out on the back!)


I got the same and one called “Bordeaux Superstars - a comparison of vintages 2005, 2009 and 2010”.

Fantasy offers

Oh, no, sorry that last one might have been a dream.


All the above except the tastings and events…which explains why I didn’t know about my local one until Rob kindly alerted us here.

I will ask them to add it in future.


I received the same as danchaq. I hope that is the complete set as I made rather a fuss a few months ago when I found I wasn’t getting the same as a friend who is also a member.
But that was an intriguing mention of Bordeaux comparisons.