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New game for Isolation (and dreaming of bottle pick)

So, not sure if I am just weird or if anyone else does this, but have been trying to put together a mixed case of wine for reserves to tuck away for a little while, just to see how they age.

My patience and budget are limited, so cost is a consideration and we’re not talking vintage port-level ageing. I did this last year and am now looking forward to 2025, so would be nice to have something to look forward to every year :smiley:

It might be an anathema to many of you (mixed case to put away!!!), but wondered if it might be a vaguely interesting distraction for anyone else.

Rules of the game are:

  • A wine you have not drunk before
  • Maximum bottle price of £25
  • Won’t be taken out of reserves for 5/6 years

My first draft below, thrown together this evening, please throw some more ideas out there

Code Wine Bottle Price
AL14601 Moselle ‘Pylae’ Pinot Gris, Château de Vaux 2015 £25.00
JU1441 L’Etoile ‘En Banode’ Domaine de Montbourgeau 2016 £19.00
GE12631 Kaseler Nies’chen Riesling Kabinett, von Kesselstatt 2018 £16.50
EN1431A Blackbook Winery Clayhill Vineyard Chardonnay 2018 £20.00
NZ10841 Kumeu River Hunting Hill Pinot Noir 2017 £19.50
BJ8101 Domaine Dominique Piron, Morgon Côte du Py 2017 £16.00
IT27821 Gattinara, Torraccia del Piantavigna 2015 £20.00
CE10281 De Martino La Aguada Single Vineyard Maule Carignan 2016 £19.00
IT28421 La Grola Veronese IGT, Allegrini 2016 £20.00
IT27621 Aglianico del Vulture Armand, Alovini 2016 £14.50
PW7711 Casa Ermelinda Freitas Moscatel de Setúbal £9.95
IT28621 Orvieto Classico Superiore Muffa Nobile ‘Calcaia’, Barberani 2016 £25.00

Amarone della Valpolicella Corte Giara, Allegrini 2016 £26

Côtes du Roussillon Villages Tautavel, Clos des Vignes, Domaine Gardiés 2017 £17

The Society’s Exhibition Châteauneuf-du-Pape 2015 £22

Vilafonté’s Seriously Old Dirt, Paarl 2017 £23

Chianti Classico Riserva Brolio, Barone Ricasoli 2016 £24

Perdebee Shiraz, Darling 2015 £10

La Rioja Alta Viña Ardanza Reserva Selección Especial, Rioja 2010 £22.50

Vadio Bairrada Tinto 2016 £13

Patrimonio Cuvée Morta Maio Rouge, Domaine Arena 2015 £25

Irouléguy, Domaine Brana Rouge 2016 £23.50

Chianti Classico, Riecine 2017 £17

Coteaux du Languedoc Clos des Lièvres, Mas Gabriel 2016 £16


I put a mixed case away last year for 2022 which happens to be my 60th year. One special bottle a month and all under £20. My original plan was:

6 reds, 6 whites.
2 NZ
2 Australia
2 S America
2 N America
2 S Africa
2 Europe

However, I found myself making too many compromises and ending up with a mixed case that didn’t really excite me.

All of my final selection were picked from the community recommendations and/or 4* on the website

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Would you share your selection?

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A great idea, this - a gift to your future self - although I’d suggest a small tweak to the rules: I prefer to budget using an average price per bottle so that if you get a few well below the £25, you can justify popping in one extra-special bottle. It makes me think of those packs of collectible stickers you used to be able to get: they were so much better for the inclusion of the gold/holographic one.

On this basis, I reckon you could justify including in a bottle of something like Fontodi’s Vigna del Sorbo which will love a 5-6 year wait. The 2015 would be great but TWS has sold out of that (partly with my help…) and just has the 2014. Fingers crossed the 2016 may arrive at some point during the year as it’s likely to be wonderful.

If the £25 cap is immovable, though, how about adding a bottle of 2010 Chateau de Bouscasse? That stuff loves a bit of delay.

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Graacher Himmelreich Riesling Spätlese, Joh Jos Prüm 2012 - £25
Grauburgunder Sonnenberg, Weingut Jülg 2018 - £20
La Grola Veronese IGT, Allegrini 2016 - £20
Ciro` Rosso Riserva Federico Scala, Santa Venere 2016 - £20
De Martino La Aguada Single Vineyard Maule Carignan 2016 - £19
Blackbook Winery Clayhill Vineyard Chardonnay 2018 - £20
Once and Future Forcini Zinfandel 2016 - £24
Rainer Wess Ried Pfaffenberg 1ÖTW Riesling 2016 - £24
Riesling, Grand Cru Kitterlé, Domaine Schlumberger 2010 - £25
Côtes du Roussillon Occultum Lapidem, Domaine de Bila-Haut 2017 - £20
Madiran, Château de Bouscassé 2010 - £19
Domaine Dominique Piron, Morgon Côte du Py 2017 - £16


Oops - just noticed we were meant to be suggesting wines we hadn’t drunk before…

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It’s all a bit of fun really, I just wanted to keep everyone browsing TWS website (as if you needed any more encouragement!) and keep me supplied with great ideas

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OK, I have mustered the following

  1. JSC Tbilvino Iveriuli, “Saperavi” 2018 Georgia. £10.99
  2. Léon Beyer: VT. Gewurtztraminer 2017. £20.00 odd
  3. Macon Cruzille Vignes du Mayne Primavera 2014 £22.06
  4. Dom. Philippe Bornard "Les Gaudrettes Chardonnay Jura, 2016. £23.08
  5. Irouleguy, Dom. Ilarria Blanc 2014, £22.95
  6. Veronica Ortega, “ROC” Mencia, 2017. £20.95
  7. Côtes Catalanes VV Dom. Clos du Fées Grenache Blanc 2017. £20.00 odd.
  8. Antoine Graillot and Raul Perez, “Encinas” 2016 £22.00
  9. Dom. Bodines, Trousseau, 2017 £21.34.

Not bothered if they all sit under the £25 cap actually, could definitely Play with average bottle price to stretch to a lovely bottle. I snuck in the 2010 Baudana Barolo last year, which definitely didn’t fit into my specification above!

Yes, this is on my back-up list for the inevitable sold-through first choice (there is already something weird going on with the Aglianico - can’t any to my basket). All this talk of Madiran has got me very curious.

My final selection was

  • 1 (s) of Mendel Mendoza Malbec 2016
  • 2 (s) of Madfish Great Southern Riesling 2018
  • 1 (s) of Tahbilk Nagambie Lakes Marsanne 2017
  • 1 (s) of [The Society’s Exhibition Tasmanian Chardonnay 2018
  • 1 (s) of Domaine Sylvain Pataille Bourgogne Aligote 2017
  • 1 (s) of [The Society’s Exhibition Gigondas 2013]
  • 1 (s) of Rosso di Montalcino Canalicchio di Sopra 2016
  • 1 (s) of Pedroncelli Dry Creek Valley Sonoma County Cabernet Sauvignon 2016
  • 1 (s) of Minervois La Liviniere Cuvee Cantilene Chateau Sainte Eulalie 2016
  • 1 (s) of Chianti Classico Riecine 2016 Organic
  • 1 (s) of The Society’s Exhibition Limari Chardonnay 2018

This game unfortunately unveiled some gems in the current offering that may even tempt a case purchase…


Ones that you have posted or something you chose to remain hidden?

Needs probably about another 5 years - tannins are quite prominent in '10 as I recall.

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I posted my top 12…

Once and Future Zin(s) - lovely wines, drinking young, but have 20+ years in them
Schlumberger Kitterle 2010 - probably most tempting
Ciabot Berton Roggeri 2015 halves - not added here as it is in halves

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Yes, that’s the other red in my back-up list.

Don’t know Schlumberger wines at all, though always looking for quality

I see we have 3 wines in common in our primary lists… :wink:


You clearly have excellent taste

Looking at the criteria Riesling immediately sprang to mind. Rheingau producer August Eser’s wines have really impressed me but I always drink them too soon. With that in mind…

3 x Hattenheimer Riesling 2018 - £13.95
3 x Winkeler Riesling 2018 - £12.95
3 x Oestricher Lenchen Riesling Kabinett 2018 - £19

And to make up the numbers…

1 x Nebbiolo d’Alba Valmaggiore 2018, Cantina del Nebbiolo - £13.95
1 x Blackbook ‘Clayhill’ Chardonnay 2018 - £20 ( out of sheer curiosity )
1 x Furmint, Peter Wetzer 2018 - £17

… all subject to change as new wines get listed !

Edit - I frequently put ‘themed’ mixed cases into reserves for future enjoyment