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New Fine Wine releases

If I was in the market for more wine (and had any money!) I think I’d be in the market for some of the Spanish reds. The Priorat and the Graciano Rioja particularly.


Niepoort Rótulo. Mitravelas Agiorgitiko?


Yes, those two, the Portuguese white and the Mac Forbes Riesling also caught my eye.

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Does anyone have much experience of Mitravelas? There are some really excellent wines from Nemea, which tend to age really well, but would be interested in opinions on how it compares to say Papaioannou, Boutari or Skouras if anyone’s been able to compare.

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The Mclaren Vale Grenache, Te Mata SB and Austrian Pinot Blanc have all just gone in an order to come on holiday with us. The small wonders list is sometimes underwhelming but it looks to be the star of the FWL this time round, perhaps reflecting that this isn’t the time of year to be releasing an awful lot of structured, ageworthy reds. Nothing else grabbed me and in particular, as much as I like Mornington PN, the pricing on the Kooyong makes it easy to resist given it now costs more than Au Bon Climat.


I haven’t tried Mitravelas, but i think they’re up there. Their best wine is obviously the old vine version, and this one is pretty inexpensive, so i wouldn’t expect a world-beater, but i would expect it to have typiciity and to be excellent value.


Is anyone familiar with this? It’s making me go hmmmm


Went there on holiday actually, do some high quality wines, though i think their Chard (esp M3) is the best

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A bit disappointing that if you browse the new fine wine list online there appear to be NO half bottles. :frowning:

Oh and @Laura or maybe @Ewan this one is listed as a red:

ETA: Actually now I’ve done a more thorough look through I’m very disappointed! If I select ‘Browse All Wines’ there are only 47 red wines in the list. When I browse those 47 reds, of all the wines I’ve tried before on that list every single one of them is a vintage that I have already bought from TWS. In other words much (most?) of the ‘new’ fine wine list appears to be not very new!


In my opinion Shaw and Smith is one of Australia’s best wine companies. They created security for themselves by producing perhaps the most commercially successful Sav Blanc in Australia using a virtual winery model before they went on to build their own winery and buy their own vineyards. They have then milked that Sav Blanc cash cow to ensure absolute quality across their focussed range. Their expansion into Tasmania with Tolpuddle has been exciting and just last week the two cousins (Martin Shaw and Michael Hill Smith) have announced they are handing over a lot of operational duties and equity to two of their long term staff.

Haven’t tasted the 2016 yet (just bought some) but the tasting note sounds similar to past vintages and it has received great reviews from a number of leading critics. The cooler Adelaide Hills site produces fruit with acidity and freshness but they give it some expensive oak treatment and consistently produce a very well balanced wine. Don’t think you will be disappointed if you go for it.


Not recently, the last vintages I tried were 2007 and 2008 ( in 2014 ) and both were excellent in quality and VFM. On that basis, TWS notes for the 2016 accurately reflect its style.

Here’s the tasting note for the 2016 from Halliday’s Australian Wine Companion…

Seduces with swathes of dark cherries dipped in kirsch, florals, ferrous and woodsy spices with toasty oak sewn to the shape of the fuller-bodied palate. Everything is in its place, creating an immaculate whole- the fine grained tannins, the length, the freshness and detail. It’s polished and totally convincing. Drink to 2028. $46AUD. 97 points ( the same score as Henshke’s Hill Of Grace 2013 which is a tad more expensive at $825 ).


Not sure if anyone has come across bodegas noemia previously but it’s a top producer making fabulous wines in Patagonia.


Their wines are excellent, if a little pricey. I’ve only had the Shiraz once but it was very good and under screwcap it will last forever.


Thanks everyone! I’ve popped a couple of hundred bottles into my basket, just to keep an eye on how quickly it sells - sorely tempted to put a case into reserves, but I’d rather it came out of next month’s pocket money…


Make sure you do not put a case of hundreds of bottles into reserves :joy:

(Or hundreds cases of bottles similarly )

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