New Fine Wine List

The new Fine Wine List has been released.

I wondered what the community’s views are of the selection?


Can’t see it. Do you have a link?

Here you go:


And the main offer page is here too! :smiley:

OMG! Some fabulous bottles there……….! :star_struck:

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In my eyes this fine wine list seems a bit of a mixed bag offering.

I’m intrigued by the Portuguese wines as certainly they wouldn’t pop up on many people’s radar. Is this a symbolic nod the the origins of the Society - has the Portuguese Embassay been on the phone complaining their wine is not getting enough attention! The non-german riesling gems look tempting especially with the Australian and New Zealand offerings. Obviously these areas are getting more famous for Pinot Noir - often made in a German/ Austrian style so it seems fitting that the Society therefore is promoting German Pinot Noir. The white Burgundy looks good and has some pretty good wine there too., which seems to constrast with the relatively lowly Claret offering which seems a bit weak.

Unfortunately negative vibes continue with the Hanzell page where you can only get three out of the six wines if you buy a mixed case. You can only buy one Pinot Noir unless you by a mixed case of all six wines (3 PN, 3 Chard) which at nearly £300 is a bit risky if like me Californian Chardonnay doesn’t sit very highly on the wine wish list. The Rose offers and Summer Food offers are OK but nothing really unusual or standout. I’m certain somewhere other than Southern Europe makes an exciting, complex Rose at a reasonable price. It’s nice to see Australian Cabernet (aka Bordeaux Blends) featuring although for the prices being asked couldn’t some more stellar examples have been sought?

I’m very tempted to order some of the Portuguese wines, the Rieslings and perhaps even the German Pinot. I would have loved to have ordered the Hanzell Pinot Noir as a mini-vertical tasting experiment but I don’t fancy the Chardonnay.

It would be good to know what the community thinks of the offers and if you think I’m being too hard or just an old whinge bag do tell me!!


I think it’s a pretty good list. Lots of variety, some interesting wines, a decent range. I’m just sad it’s competing with Bordeaux EP and my annual Rose case, not to mention the Burgundy dump :smiley:


Agreed, a mixed bag. Limited myself to 3 bottles… one of the Baudana Baudana and a pair of the Chryseia Post Scriptum. The latter is a third of the main wine and has spent a nice amount of years in bottle.


Its weird that the Red Burgundy offer is NOT in the fine wine list.

Seeing the Bordeaux EP offer and this (Decanting, Chilling, Pouring: Here's How To Serve Wine) released on the same day, just concentrates my mind even further, so Ive ordered this which looks like a great way to try out (eventually) some pretty expensive bottles:

I guess too many to list?

I’m priced out of all these unfortunately :smiley: I seem to remember past Red Burgundy offers having some mixed cases but perhaps there’s a more plebian offer later in the year?

I must avoid temptation but some of the sub £20 wines look interesting. The Pinot Blanc from Birgit Braunstein and the Gewurz from Hofstatter are definitely going in the basket. As will the spatburgunder from Bercher.

And no doubt, a couple of others too.


Snap! On all counts! :+1::grinning:


Glad to see, buying red Burgundy EP still makes a little sense. When the paper is here, I might compare to EP prices.


Pretty underwhelming, I’d say.

Portugal, yes!! But Symington?! Hardly the most interesting in this modern-day hotbed of interest. A very conservative choice.

I’ve become accustomed to the Small Wonders section being the most interesting in the last few years, given my own (probably increasingly outside the mainstream) tastes and the fact that there is so much I can no longer afford, but even this is a bit underwhelming - most of the wines have been offered before (or are indeed already on the regular list). Only one wine that tempts me (though that is of course a GOOD THING :grinning:)


and the winner is?

My money is on the Juhfark!

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Moric Hausmarke :smiley:


That was my second guess…

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Having sat through a tasting of about 20 examples of Juhfark in Somlo in 2009 I got to realise I never wanted another one. All I can recall is a wall of acid and the fact it translates as Sheep’s Tail!

Yep. Only thing of interest is the Bon Climat but it comes in dozens so is a non starter. More funds for some interesting northern Rhône from elsewhere.

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