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New Cellar - Help me stock!


New member, first post.

Dear all, I’m in the process of getting a builder round to build a wine cellar, it will hold approximately 2500 bottles but i’ve not got that much money tucked away :slight_smile:

I will be, over the next few months, starting to build up my stock to about 500 bottles, I would like to have a mixture of bottles. Immediately drinkable and needing aging going back to approx 5 years.

So now I am looking to this wonderful community to help me with stocking as I do not know where to start.

Thanks in advance.


Welcome!! :smiley:

What a great first post! I imagine our Community members are going to love getting their teeth into this question so I’m sure you’ll get plenty of brilliant suggestions.


Hi @Dhiren and welcome to the community. Great first post and a lovely problem to have!

A couple of initial questions…

Do you have a budget in mind?
What are you general wine likes/dislikes? Colour, grapes, countries, etc?


Welcome @Dhiren! What an interesting situation to be in: an empty wine cellar you want to fill! There will be lots of envious people in this Community. Well I am by no means the best qualified but I would start by prioritising what you like and the mix within those preferences that you want to stock.

I mean proportions of reds, whites, sparkling, roses, fortifieds. Have some of everything by all means but be guided by what you drink the most of, second most of etc. And within each category what are your preferred styles and wine regions.

Once you have that down on paper you could seek guidance from folks on recommendations for those types of wines. You don’t want to start off buying wines you are unlikely to enjoy, no matter how well recommended they are by other people. The time for experimenting is around the edges, not the bulk of the wine you buy. And the TWS website is great for ‘if you like that you might like this’ suggestions.

Sorry if that is not specific enough. The other thought is to talk this all through with an expert at the TWS. I am sure they would delighted to help. They also have a couple of wine plans that could help you build up your supplies. Good luck!


Thanks All, appreciate the responses and the welcome!

Budget…hmm depends if you ask me in front of the wife or not :smile: tbh, its not an issue as this is an investment, if I spend more i’ll reduce the amount of bottles…less I may increase but as a guide about £5k to start.

Drinks wise (which will show how much of a novice I am)…

Reds (45%) - Full bodied usually, Merlots, Rioja, Malbec, Organic as well and a Red that can be drunk cold!

Whites (30%) - Sancerre, reisling, chardonay, savignon

Sparkling (15%)

Rose (10%) - Dry not sweet the lighter the colour the better


That certainly helps, thanks. Just to clarify on this point…

When you say it’s an investment - is that an investment in your future drinking pleasure, or would you be looking to buy wine that may go up in value that you could later sell?

In each case the selection could be quite different, and the second option comes with some very specific things to think about.



Its an investment in our drinking pleasure. I’m not looking to sell on but I would love to buy cheap(er) and drink later a wine that has accumulated in value

Also an opportunity to widen my palate


Definitely this, but also, if you haven’t already, get yourself subscribed to the en primeur category:


The Rhone campaign is just around the corner…


This is also a great way to start. Further details of the regular cellar building plans are available here…



Thanks…unfortunately the link doesnt work for me.


Indeed, I have been in touch with TWS experts and will be talking to them on Monday.[quote=“Alchemist, post:9, topic:4509, full:true”]

This is also a great way to start. Further details of the regular cellar building plans are available here…



You need to opt in to the group to view it, not sure how to share otherwise but here’s a guide how to opt in:


Try to join here



My advice is not to start off with a target number of bottles and timeframe. Working on the assumption you won’t drink 500 bottles in a year, the number itself becomes somehwat irrelevant. You must believe me when I tell you that once you start exploring and picking out things you think you’ll like, your collection will grow more quickly that you anticipate. :wink:

By shifting your focus slightly from number of bottles to the right bottles, I think you’ll have a higher hit rate of bottles you enjoy as you pull them out of your cellar in the future.

And if you’re worried about it looking too empty, find a Community member who’s close by and I bet they’ll rent some space off you. We all have too many bottles! :joy:


Thanks danchaq…I get it, its just the excitement!


I’d also recommend getting cellartracker.

It’s both web based and an app.

When you start to accumulate bottles it’s a great way of keeping track of what you have. It can tell you how much you have from each region, grape variety, when they are ready to drink etc.

That also helps you see that you have been, for example, been buying too much Bordeaux and not enough Italian. It may show you you don’t have enough wine ready to drink now.

I can see now that 60% of my wine is French, (40% Bordeaux, 12% Rhone, 4% Burgundy) 10% Italian, 9% Spanish, 5% American, 4% Argentinian, 4% German, 2% Chilean and a few odds and ends from elsewhere.

There is a link somewhere here to those of us who have shared our cellartracker details so you can connect to us and see what we have.

Here it is - Sharing cellars on Cellartracker - WIKI

I agree the Vintage Cellar Plan is a great, easy way to grow your collection.

En primeur offers are good too.

You also need to pace yourself with the EP purchases, unless you dont mind your cellar being full of wines from the next few years and then not much after that as it’s full! Unless, of course, the next few years are stonking vintages in which case you may want to get stuck in!

As a generalisation red wine will be better to keep long term, although there are certain white wines (eg any riesling) that will age beautifully, Jancis wrote something on this very recently extolling the virtues of age worthy white wine.

Just enjoy building your collection!

Good luck.


Hi Dhiren

What an exciting position to be in!

My only advice is

  • try not to buy too much of anything you haven’t actually tasted
  • try not to rush, there’s always more wine and the worst situation is to buy a bunch of things you later regret
  • not to buy too much from any one region or style, as tastes may change / shift focus
  • take as many opportunities as you can to try wines, you will learn a lot about what you like and don’t like

Otherwise enjoy yourself enormously! I started buying ten years ago and have had a lot of fun.