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New baby 2017 fine red wine recommendations



Looking for recommendations for a 2017 vintage to celebrate the birth of my son and lay down for at least 18 years (depends if he likes wine at the time) :grin: Any thoughts welcome! New world also good. Cheers


Port was declared, no leftover ep wines on TWS site but sure you can find some somewhere!


Musar? Will be a while before the 2017 is released though.


What’s your budget? There might be something here that fits:


I’m in a similar boat and have decided to wait until one of my favourites Vina Tondonia Reserva 2017 is released, they have just released the 2007 so I’ll have to wait about ten years to buy it! At least it saves on storage costs!


I have settled on 2017 Port (for a friend’s son when he’s 21) as most 2017 wines may not reach as far as 2038, or it’s at the end of their theoretical drinking window. Many of the middling Rhone wines may be past their best by then, so that leaves Bordeaux (underappreciated by most youngsters, I suspect), the best German Rieslings (I like this one, but similar issue to Claret) or Port, which at least may keep its value, although from an initially high cost.

I’d buy what you like best just in case they are teetotal!


Up to £100 if it’s still going to stand up after 18-20 years