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New Autumn Fine Wine List

That’s a relief. No need to buy ALL the brunello, then, as I did for 2015.


Thank god.

Also so relived that the Christmas Fine Wine List won’t be hot on the heels of those.


Disappointing that the SJ ran out so quickly. Wonder what the volumes were.

Ah well :smile:

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I know not such a great vintage, but the 2013 is available:


Thanks for the pointer Tom and good call. Keen to try the better vintages where I can for storing but will try a bottle of this :white_check_mark:

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2013 was a bit ‘hot’ I think but they are coming round and imo probably a slightly underrated vintage, maybe because of all the fabulous ones in the last decade. i’m tempted by this too but trying to cut back buying before the brunello ep!


As it was offered some years after I bought my '12s I suspect it was either a batch released later by Villard that they had been holding back or a batch that TWS had been holding back (as they do sometimes). In either case quantities were likely low. I do have a couple of the '13s now. And will buy more in the future.

Mike and Tom, thanks for your updates on the vintages of this - appreciated.

I can’t find that new list at all now… has it been removed??

" Fine Wine List

Our latest Fine Wine List has closed"

That one was September last year. I’d expect the Autumn 2020 list to be out soon but, of course, it may be a little delayed due to the C word.

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Yes 2013 is definitely underrated, I have 2 SJs from that year and both of them are cracking and would have a long life if they weren’t so delicious. I have just taken delivery of my first 2013 Voge, which seemed timely given his recent passing, and will be keen to see whether this is coming into its window.