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New Autumn Fine Wine List


And now out of stock. That didn’t take long!


Wow, that was quick! You can’t have been the only one waiting for it to reappear Mike!


I guess not. Glad I got in quick. Mind you we don’t know how few bottles they might have had but obviously fairly limited otherwise they wouldn’t have limited the bottles per member.

However I think it’s a little unusual for a wine in that price bracket to both be limited like that and sell out so quickly.


Yes, definitely. I must admit I was very tempted myself, but I am determined to not buy any more now until the Christmas FWL. I traditionally overspend big time on that one…so I must be strong…also I’ve run out of storage space at home and there is only so much wine I can justify sending to reserves in one year before even I think its getting a bit silly :slight_smile: I do foresee my willpower wavering with yet another ‘too good to miss’ offer but I am trying…


Yes, I’m now trying to hold off but I’m sorely tempted by these guys:


I should be withdrawing from reserves and not buying but as usual there was too much temptation to resist putting in an order ( and now glad that I did as some of the wines are already OOS )…

1 x St-Joseph ‘Poivre et Sol’ 2010, Villard
2 x Crozes-Hermitage ‘la Martiniere’ 2015, Ferraton.
1 x The Other Wine Company Adelaide Hills Shiraz 2015
2 x Valdesil ‘Pezas De Portela’ Godello 2015
1 x Ribera Del Douro 2009, Bohorguez.
2x Pinot Noir 2016, Brundlmayer
1 x Newton Johnson Hemel-En-Aarde Pinot Noir 2017
1 x Newton Johnson ‘Full Stop Rock’ Hemel- En-Aarde SGM 2017
1 x Alheit ‘Fire By Night’ Paardeberg 2017

A Prum Riesling was sacrificed for the last bottle on the list and it’s playing on my mind. I may have to rectify that when I collect from the showroom next week. Unless the bin-end sale dictates otherwise !

I think I need counselling.


don’t we all…


You beat me too it… just! :wink: :smiley:


I thought this was group therapy


Members of The Community should get a call from someone in Member Services, preferably trained in addiction counselling, 24 hours after an order is placed, with an option to cancel, just to confirm that the wines are ‘needed’ and aren’t just the result of another compulsive buying spree !


Not a bad idea @Embee though the the response would probably be “Oh, I’m glad you called, there are a couple of bottles I really should have also ordered yesterday so can you add…”


Haha and perfect timing on your part, that’s exactly what I’m contemplating after reading @Aaronb post in the Godello thread !

Enough is never enough it seems.


The efficacy of this system might rather depend on who picks up the phone; the buyer (obsessed wine hoarder) or their spouse!


In a couple services I counselled in we offered counselling to both ‘addict’ and spouse :grimacing: