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New Autumn Fine Wine List

Just seen the new Fine Wine List is available on the website. Its probably just me, but I do find this one particularly uninspiring…which isn’t necessarily a bad thing now I think about it…I can save my pennies for the Christmas list :wink: Have fun browsing everyone.

There are a few interesting things on there, but it’s always going to be a fairly small offering, being the one before the Christmas list. I quite like the look of the cheaper one of the two mixed region en primeur mixed cases though (on the website, not the fwl). Can see that really appealing to people who want to dip their toe in without buying whole cases of things they’ve never tried before.

Yeah, fair comments, this does tend to be the list I buy very little / nothing from each year. The Christmas list can be quite scary from an expenditure point of view…:scream:

I tried to have a look, but only got the following message:

New list available early September

Our next Fine Wine List will be live soon. Watch this space!

I followed the link to “The Society’s Fine Wine List”, am I doing something wrong?

I found it under offers, for some reason it’s not showing under fine wine… :thinking:

Oh yes, there is a link from the main fine wine section to the list. Thanks for pointing out.

Agree it’s a bit underwhelming. I have some credit as a gift and the Brundlmayer PN is the only temptation

I took a look this morning, and was also unexcited. I think it’s the flat “everything’s a champion” format, because there are some wines there I know are exciting.

However, unrelatedly, I found a lot of new South African wine on the website that I don’t remember from before (Alheit, van Loggerenberg, Naude, Foundry, etc) and did get a bit overexcited by that (at least as far as the health of my bank balance).

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There is one there that I’ve been waiting to reappear on the list for a couple of years:Saint-Joseph Poivre et Sol Domaine Villard 2010.

I got the 2012 back in '17 shortly after I joined TWS and haven’t seen it since. And now we have the 2010 which should, if anything, be better! I’ve no idea how much they have as it’s limited to 6 per member.

The '12 was a lovely St Joseph.


It seems a South Africa leaflet is now imminent… :wink:

There was a South Africa tasting on Monday - the wines are tremendous. Will try to post my thoughts later.


You’ve just made me break my self-enforced buying embargo :sunglasses:

Just bagged 6 of these myself - looking forward to it!

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Yes, I said I wouldn’t buy any wine until Brexit (unless 31 October was extended) but ended up buying 20 bottles of South Africa and 2 bottles of Chianti Classico :shushing_face:


I’ve just picked up four plus an Arana Rioja to make up the free delivery!

I haven’t tried the 2011 vintage of the Arana yet but the 2009 was lovely, so a good choice there methinks.

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I’ve still got one '09 Arana and two '09 Ardanza :smiley:

I’ve still got a couple of Arana 09 in halves, but a half dozen of the Ardanza 09 peacefully slumbering away in storage as it’s my daughter’s birth year (she’s going to have a memorable 18th. Well, me and her Mum are anyway :rofl:)


I worked that tasting (on the Naude table) and thoroughly agree, the wines were fantastic. The Alheit Chenin was my stand out of the evening. Thought the Newton Johnson Pinot Noir was a bit special too!


Thanks for your help!

The Newton Johnson Pinot was definitely my favourite red - potentially the best non-Burg Pinot I’ve tried!

The Alheit Chenin was delightfully crisp but I was slightly more wowed by some of the blends (including the Alheit one) - just love Roussanne, Grenache Blanc, etc.

The Naude Semillon was a bit special as well, wasn’t it?

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