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New: AMA with winemaker Apostolos Thymiopoulos, May 2021

We are SO EXCITED to announce a fantastic new event - an Ask Me Anything with none other than The Greek Godfather of Xinomavro, the brilliant winemaker Apostolos Thymiopoulos!

New: AMA with winemaker Apostolos Thymiopoulos, May 2021

We’re giving our Community members a rare chance to hear directly from the man himself! Now this is where we need to give you some important notes…


We will be sending your questions to Apostolos to answer in advance - once we have received his answers, @laura and I will post them on The Community sometime during the second half of May. We will let you know the exact date and times we’re planning to post the answers nearer the time, so keep your eyes and ears out!


In order to give Apostolos enough time to prepare his answers, we need all your questions in by Monday 26th April - any questions sent in after this date won’t be answered by Apostolos directly, but may still be answered by our buyer for Greece @horsleym - we’d be very pleased to have Matthew share his expertise with us as well.
Please send your questions in by replying to this topic!

How to take part

Please send us your questions in advance by Monday 26th April by replying to this topic. The answers will be posted in written format - like a regular topic here.

We really hope you will take this incredible opportunity to hear from a real favourite winemaker amongst Wine Society members, and an extremely popular winemaker within our Community.

3…2…1… Get your questions in! :smiley:


Hi Apostolos, 2 simple questions - When are you making/releasing the new vintage of Karavas Rapsani? And please can you persuade TWS to stock it?!

And whilst you’re at it, please can you also persuade TWS to sell the Naoussa Alta :smiley:


Could Apostolos please tell us more about the ROSÉ DE XINOMAVRO 2007 listed on his website? I’m fascinated by the idea of an aged rose - especially as the advice with rose is often “DYA” - drink youngest available. Will it keep further - and will we see it appear at TWS?


You might be lucky…

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Hi Apostolos, with Xinomavro and Assyrtiko, Greece have 2 unique, marketable and interesting varietals that are gaining more and more acclaim.
Besides these 2 varieties, is there any others we should be on the look out for?


Very excited about this event! Don’t forget you’ve only got until Monday to get your questions in! :smiley:

What strategies are you adopting to cope with climate change?


What are your favourite new world producers or if you don’t want to be specific wine styles?


As an extension of @winechief’s question, do you see more room for growth and improvement in Greece for wines made from blended grapes or do you think single varietals have more potential? Additionally, what blends should we look out for?


To the best of your knowledge has anyone ever been baptised or bathed in your Rapsani?


Were you surprised at the speed at which your contribution to The Bin Series - wine from your vineyard in Fytia - was purchased by Wine Society members? Can you tell us anything about the next vintage and will there be any more of it than the 2017?


2 questions, please:

  1. Which of your own wines do you drink most often, why and what food would you have with it?

  2. If you had to recommend a Greek wine made by someone else, which would it be?

Thanks very much and please keep on making your amazing wines!


Hi James. Just wondered; do you think he knows, or should know, the speed at which it was purchased? Especially if TWS is looking to buy the next vintage. If I were the buyer I would have some misgivings about this question.

2 related questions:

  1. Do you see significant variation in your wines from vintage to vintage?

  2. Which recent vintages would you particularly recommend and why?


Given the suppliers of Bin 008 realised TWS had sold out from looking at the website and offered to supply more of it, I doubt it’s a secret. Anyone can see what’s for sale at TWS and when it is sold out. Additionally the majority of the reviews for Bin 005 refer to being emailed and it disappearing from sale within minutes. It’s already very public knowledge.

Given TWS buy so much from Apostolos (100 cases a week of the Jeunes Vignes) I don’t think they are concerned that he might realise his wines are popular and sell quickly.


Yes, maybe you’re right. I’m secretive by nature and never like giving any information if I can avoid it! (But please don’t tell anyone!)


Thought i’d bump this with a few questions of my own which (hopefully) will be interesting for members as well!

  1. Could you tell us a bit about the differences between Trilofos and Fytia? And, if you could hold vineyards in one other area of Naoussa where would it be and why?

  2. Your Jeunes Vignes has been a huge success at TWS for a number of years now - could you tell us a bit more about the vines? How young are they? How do you think this wine will change as the vines get older? Are you regularly planting new vines in order to maintain the style? How does your management of the young vines differ to those that are older?

  3. Xinomavro is a famously tannic grape but i’ve never found your wines excessively tannic. Could you tell us a bit about your tannin management and how you achieve such silky wines that maintain structure?

  4. Your vineyards are farmed organically and you follow biodynamic practices as well. Could you give a bit more detail as to what methods you use to reduce risk of mildew and botrytis of which xinomavro is highly susceptible? Is organic and biodynamic viticulture the norm in Naoussa or are you an exception?

  5. How would you describe the main differences between Rapsani and Naoussa, both in terms of the regions and wine style?

  6. Greek wine seems to be the talk of the wine world at the moment. Why do you think this is?

  7. You’ve always got something exciting lined up… so, what’s your next big project?



Question two is exactly what I was going to ask!

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Last day to get your questions in! :smiley:

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Seems a few supermarkets have jumped on the band wagon now… Amazed he can supply everyone