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Never Have I Ever... Wine Edition!


It’s Friday, so I’m in the mood for a daft game!

I’m not sure how many of you have ever played the more traditional Never Have I Ever drinking game, but rest assured this version doesn’t include any irresponsible alcohol consumption! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: They also play this a lot on Ellen/YouTube:

The game is simple: we simply state a wine-related activity we’ve never done/experienced which we think other people will have, e.g ‘Never have I ever… accidentally smashed an expensive bottle of wine’ or ‘Never have I ever… harvested grapes at a vineyard’.

If you have done one of these, feel free to ‘like’ the post, or reply giving any details of the event in question if it’s a particularly good story, then whoever is first to reply can give their own ‘never have I ever’ scenario (Never have I ever… drunk a wine that’s older than me… etc) and the game continues.

I’ll start (in the hopes you’ll join in!):

Never have I ever… used a sabre to open a bottle of Champagne. (I have seen it go spectacularly wrong, though… :laughing: )


I sabred (or rather 'kitchen-knifed) a bottle of bubbly this summer. It was a Jacob’s Creek fizz that someone had brought to a party some five or six years ago and had been duly ignored. We were clearing out the shed, and I spontaneously thought I’d try it. Did it first time, but have tried properly several times since without success!!

Never have I ever … drunk a wine from before the 1912 vintage (it was a La Tour Blanche Sauternes that was interesting, though well past it!). I’m sure someone must have drunk something older!


Did you not try that H&H Century Malmsey Maderia from the solera from the Paris Exhibition of 1900? Grapes in that solera would have been added in the late 1800s.


Nope - missed that one! :roll_eyes:


Never did you ever! :smile:

(Psst @M1tch , if you did try that malmsey, I think this technically means it’s your go:wink:)


Ok ok lol

Never have I ever…found a Riesling I didn’t like :smiley:


I have not liked this particular Riesling:

Never have I ever… opened a Magnum or a larger bottle


That’s easy - have opened plenty of magnums!

Never have I ever… Sent a wine back in a restaurant


Many years ago I sent back a bottle that arrived with the wine about the temperature I normally drink tea. Turns out their wine rack was next to a radiator! Switched to beer…

Never have I ever bought (or sold) wine at auction. I find the whole idea a bit scary!


Only once: an impulse bid on a certain famous Sauternes way out of my price range! Thought the bid was so low vs the market that I’d never get it… of course I then promptly did and was forced to reacquaint myself with my university-era dietary regime for a little bit. No regrets, but for some reason haven’t been tempted to do it again :flushed:

I’ll serve an easy one from my salad bar: never have I ever had wine with any meat dish!


That’s nice ‘n’ easy! :smiley:

I have wine with meat dish usually on Tuesdays, and on Saturdays when my daughter is at her dad’s. She became veggie last year - and so we always eat veggie food (which we love anyway) when she’s with us - which is half the week.

My favourite recent combo of meat and wine was Moroccan beef tagine with a bottle of 2014 Clos de Siete Malbec Blend

Here’s mine: Never have I ever had a wine from my birth year (1974) - though rumours are it’s probably not a bad thing!


Yeah, I got caught with this once - a case of Talbot magnums at a silly low price. I bid, then realised it was Connetable Talbot and was priced about right. The result - I still have 3 magnums waiting to be drunk. Didn’t really want them and couldn’t really afford them at the time but to be fair it was a good wine and is likely to still improve


I have had two wines from my birth year - a Châteauneuf-du-Pape 1961 from Château Mont-Redon, shared with the winemaker Jean Abeille in his cellars in 2000. A magical moment, and one of THE highlights of my wine life. The other was a magnum of Cheval Blanc 1961, shared with Pierre Lurton after a tutored tasting for members that Sebastian Payne and I hosted in 2005 - I enjoyed the company but was mildly underwhelmed by the wine.

I have also drunk two Ports from the year of my conception (Taylor’s 1960 for my parent’s Golden Wedding, and Graham’s 1960 for my 50th birthday). I have a 1961 Cálem Colheita Port standing by for my 60th.

Never have I ever … crushed grapes with my feet.


Not sure @Ewan’s birth year counts … I actually had wine from @Inbar’s birth year, a Barolo… might have posted about it here as it was an odd sized bottle. I let @ewan get away with this for the sake of this thread.


I guess it all depends on whether one interprets the challenge as one’s birth year, or 1974 specifically… :wink:


As you gave the vintage (a spectacular one)…


REALLY??? I have :no_mouth:


And I, several times. Why not? You must have had a faulty wine (unless you mean that you don’t drink wine in restaurants?).


Me too, in France, with our crappy French trying to explain to an unbelievimg and possibly uncomprehending member of staff, and being overheard by the whole restaurant. Excruciatingly embarrassing but we did get a replacement bottle.

Never have I ever tasted a Chinese wine.


I have it was woeful …
Never have I ever gifted a bottle of champagne