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Natural Wines: Would you try them?


From this article…i think the market is not quite there yet, judging from the comments

I note that the article references 2 local restaurants near me in Leeds - Both of which are stellar establishments for food but I’ve not actually bought a whole bottle from them, just 50ml samples.

Judging by the potential for buying a potential stinker…would you buy a natural wine for what looks like twice the price? I’m interested in what TWS members would say as I think most of us would take a punt on something new. Such as the Orange wines discussed in another post)

So at least £11-£12 a bottle or do you go for the safe bet and at that price open yourself up to some properly nice ‘non-natural’ wine? Or ‘wine’ as i call it :slight_smile:


Non-natural for me please :heart_eyes:

It’s akin to some biodymanic (sic :wink:) wine making. More of a lifestyle choice than arbiter of quality, for which the customer pays the price, literally.

6pm… wine O’clock.:grinning:


I’d be interested to know if the potential for spoiled wines affected the stocking policy for tws.

If it was something really off the wall and totally unique i think I’d try it but otherwise i think it’d be like buying a whole bottle of belgian soury geuze. Nice for a drop, but a whole bottle?!!


I’d happily drink a litre of Belgian gueze! I’ve had some ok-ish natural wine, but nothing that made me exited, some of the best wine in the world in my opinion is bio-dynamic, I don’t believe in the pseudo science but the attention to detail does frequently yield great results.


I am with you on that and also just wanted to add passion as well as attention to detail. Biodynamic is also more sustainable, which is a good thing in my opinion. Natural on the other hand is mostly just carelessness (or a gimmick)… the hype will sell even spoilt product. Not always true I must also say, Le Grappin also have a Bojo Villages that they label nature (pronounce in french), which is minimal (I think) sulphur and nothing else and I have not had a bad bottle.


When I see the word Natural applied to any food stuff, I’d run a mile.
Like it or not, if we did not put certain additives into our food, they would be inedible before they got to our supermarkets.
Arsenic is natural, so that’s ok., NOT!!
Virtually all the medicine that we take to survive are unnatural, so should we body swerve them?
Every January we see the “New Diet” that so many buy into.
Eat less at Christmas or in the New Year and you will be fine.
When I see the Mega rich tout their secret, sell the book, do the talk shows, suffer a bout of collective amnesia and begin the con all over again, two years down the line, I just laugh.
Slimming tablets are not good, so don’t take them.
It’s not natural to eat so much.
Eating too much is not good, so don’t supersize unless it will be you that’s the size of a house…
Don’t drink too much, because you only have one liver. Sorry!!
Additives are, like it or not a 20th and now 21st century blessing.
Genetic manipulation caused a short stem version of wheat to feed India.
If your child suffered from a genetic disorder, would you prohibit it’s use because it was not natural.
Natural is a misused and abused term for selling, me I’d ban it but then Id ban Riesling as well and that would be patently unfair. LoL


Most of those I’ve tasted seem no better and often the worse for inattention. Even with scrupulous hygiene in the cellar, the propensity for faults. It seems more 'vanity and vinegar '.


What you get with natural wines is PURITY. The best natural wines are simply the cleanest, most naked expression of fermented grape juice. The reality of this is however, that in most examples it remind us of home brews and cider. But there are exceptions. If you’ve ever tried the white St. Josephs of Dard et Ribo or the Rhone reds of Gramenon then you know that this kind of hands off winemaking combined with true quality terroir gives supreme drinking (and less of a headache - fact!)


Can anybody recommend any natural wine suppliers?


@Richard Les Caves de Pyrène are regarded as leaders in the trade I believe


Thanks danchaq, I’d previously thought they were ‘trade only’ - no prices - but they now seem much more consumer oriented.


Yeah I thought the same, the change must be fairly recent


I was going to say the same to @danchaq - they have some very interesting wines but I assumed they always sold through other independent merchants and shops, so it is interesting to see they have a retail arm now (not sure how I missed that).

There are a few other sources of interesting natural wines, but it will depend if you are prepared to buy in quantities or want to experiment with a bottle or two, which means heading to an independent merchant instead.


Happy to buy a case if you can recommend other sources.


I am just sticking with En Rama sherry :slight_smile:


Even though the n word is not actually used in the write up, this sounds very much like a natural wine with TWS approval… Interesting new experiment.


I have bought quite a bit from CdP recently. They now indeed have a very limited selection to buy in the usual web-shop sort of way.

But if you ask nicely, they will email you their full list with retail prices, and I think they have always done that. They look relatively expensive, but do give 10% off £200 or more. You then say what you want, and they will probably come back and say some is out of stock. When you have made up your case (or whatever) you can phone through your credit card number.

It’s a bit of a faff, but works. I tend to use them because sometimes they are the only place that sell all the wines that I want. If you only want the odd bottle it is usually a little cheaper (and a fair amount cheaper if you don’t get the 10% off) to buy through the retailers they sell to.


I don’t buy into all the natural wine ideology, but do like quite a lot of them. As with any other wine they are not all the same, and the chances are you might like some but not others. Some natural wines do not use the natural label, and some do not taste weird in any way whatsoever. Just don’t rule them out just because of some silly marketing.


I’ve previously asked CdP for a price list and been refused.


They did effectively refuse to mail it to me each time it was updated. So maybe you have to express a serious desire to buy some specific wines that are not being sold on their website? Don’t really know.

You could also try Buon Vino. Most, if not all, of their stock is organic, BD or natural, and they have a good selection. I’m sure Rob, who runs the shop, would be happy to advise.