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National Rosé day


Apparently it’s national rosé day tomorrow ….
Who doesn’t like a well made garden sipping refreshing rosè?
I’m quite partial to Triennes , TWS have shared a picture of Whispering Angel on their Instagram account, which I hate to admit , but is a well made rosé too . They don’t seem to stock it though .
Apart from these two, which other rosé do you enjoy ?
(Some of my favourites include Domaine Tempier, Ripa & the rare Tondonia rosado .)


I have an antipathy to rosé. I don’t have any and I don’t want any. Last time I had one was in Provence where every restaurant table at lunch was drinking rosé.

Red or white for me, not a wine that cannot decide what it is :slight_smile:


Maby Prima Donna. Excellent with the topical (on another thread) ratatouille.


I like this one though not had this vintage yet


Currently the only rose in our house is this, but not the 2021 vintage, which is probably a good thing given the review


I can’t see a review under 2021 …. Strange

Well, I for one love a rosé. It IS a wine style on its own, neither red nor white, but distinctively different IMHO.

Tavel Cuvée Prima Donna Rosé, Domaine Maby is delicious and amazing with food, and I’ve previously enjoyed several Corsican rosés, a Côtes de Provence Rosé, Château de Galoupet Cru Classé, which was very lovely and most recently, Bandol Rosé, Dupuy de Lôme 2020 which I still have a bottle or two of and will open one tomorrow to celebrate.


I quite like Miraval. First had it years ago before the celebrity connection was well known. Still enjoy it when I can get it under £15. Though it’s not very wine rack friendly.


I’m not follower of such things but purely accidentally this was tonight’s libation:

Last one of last year’s stock of this regular purchase


That’s because I pasted the Bel Air twice instead of the Ollieux Romanis Corbieres rose :woman_facepalming:t3:

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I bought this collectors box last year, will start on it this summer and pass judgement on expensive rose!

At least if the rose isn’t worth the money I get the private tour and tasting at Chateau D’Esclans!


This. Very much:

And these 3 from 2011 arrived today. I have now locked my wallet away!


Probably should be on the influencers thread…



No No and thrice No!

Where did you manage to get them from ?


Hilarious :laughing: :joy::joy::joy::joy:

I don’t think you understand the first rule of Tondonia Rosado Club…… :slightly_smiling_face:


Last 3 I am afraid from here: https://melvillemayell.com/

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During my summer of premium rosé Domain Ott* came out on top … but not great value.

I love that pale and dry thing so in fashion. Almost certainly down to marketing and the visions I have of myself whilst drinking it. :sweat_smile:

However my years-long campaign to convince my mother of its charms has failed thus far. She had been at the epicentre of the white zinfandel boom in California during those years where a quantity of wine was needed to ease the burden of raising precocious little moi.

Wasn’t yesterday just glorious? The perfect weather for national rosé day.

The Portuguese wine was from Lidl, all strawberries and cream and totally smashable. The other two were from Lea & Sandeman. The Rioja was big and edgy, and I wish I had taken a photo of it in the glass it was such a deep hue of dark pink. The Grecian bottle was the one we all took to the most, a lovely light shade of salmon, crystalline on the palate.


Some real old Frenchman gems here in chef Koffmann’s passing comments.

  • A well done steak is for people who enjoy the chips and not the steak
  • Medium rare does not exist, it is just customers being annoying
  • Rosé is only for girls

This is gold !! :joy::joy::joy::joy:

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