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Mystery Wine

I am very shortly going to order six bottles of this for a virtual wine tasting for my local wine appreciation society whom (like a lot of things currently) is existing on Zoom.

Each month one member purchases six bottles approx £25 each and distributes them to the doorstep of the other members and we them taste the same wine, with a light supper in the comfort of our own homes, (three times a year we purchase wine to the value of £50 per bottle as a fine wine night).

My question is, are any members familiar with this ‘mysteriously’ unheralded wine and if so any suggestions to its provenance. I appreciate the WS will have to kill you if you know the real answer but I would be glad to know the supposed quality level that I should expect from this de-classified or young vine Pauillac.

Pauillac, Ulysse 2015

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Pauillac, Ulysse 2015

£23.00 bottle

£276.00 case of 12

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A classically structured claret from one of Pauillac’s best-known properties in the heart of the commune, this is a real bargain. The 2015 vintage was superb in Bordeaux, with Pauillac making especially attractive wines for ageing. This has an intense bouquet of blackcurrant and a hint of vanilla, and the structure that marks out this commune’s wines, and is absolutely delicious: the old adage ‘an iron fist in a velvet glove’ could not

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My understanding is that it’s Chateau Latour.

Coincidentally, I opened a bottle of the 2010, last night, primarily because I had read elsewhere that it was at the end of its drinking window. On the contrary, it was barely opening up and could easily keep going for at least another ten years. It was extremely concentrated, with considerable tannins but very good value for what it is.

Here’s a link to a previous discussion regarding its origins:


There’s a thread on here somewhere on this. I’ve not bought it in a while but previous vintages have been exceptional. A paulliac loving friend enjoyed it a lot too. A few years ago was only £18 a bottle which was more of a bargain.

As @Templeton says I believe it is from Ch Latour. It is a gorgeous wine for the price, my only slight concern is that 2015 might be a bit young still; only just into the TWS drinking window.


As others have said above it is from Ch. Latour. What’s not clear is it’s relation to their other wines and whether it’s young vines or the lesser barrels /declassified or near the weeds round the back :grin:

Feedback on previous vintages here and on CellarTracker appears mixed but overall good. @Templeton has a good view on the 2010, and 2015 is a very good and hopefully less ferocious vintage - but I’d expect it will still be far too young for general drinking. However this is TWS wine … and they’ve been selling it for years.

@AnaGramWords Perhaps buy the bottles now with three extras for yourself to taste over the next few years - I think it will be worthwhile, and enjoyable!


Nothing more to add on the provenance of Ulysse that’s not already been said. Latour vines maybe but we will never know I guess.

I’ve drunk both 2010 and 2015 in recent weeks. I would say 2010 is more classic while 2015 is more hedonistic.

I think this would be a great blind tasting wine


Maybe it’s just worth mentioning that the wine is bottled by Ulysse Cazabonne, a Wine Merchant that was managed by a former Chateau Latour commercial director, explaining where the link comes from.
I would guess the wine is made from the vines that do not make the cut for the Pauillac de Latour (Latour’s 3rd wine).
I bought 2 bottles of this wine as I missed out last year (it was sold out in a few days).
I think it’s probably a bit young now and I will wait another year or two to try the first bottle.


Review of this wine by Victoria Moore in today’s Daily Telegraph


Doesn’t seen to be on their website yet @DavidTheChemist . What does she say?

It is on the website, it’s at the end of her article

She’s reviewing the 2016 which hasn’t been released yet

Ulysse Cazabonne … let’s just say it tastes very high quality, with great intensity, structure and quiet power, like a very expensive car.