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Mystery Wine at Fine Wine Summer Event


Are the details of the mystery white and red wine available from last night’s Fine Wine Walkaround tasting in London? What a super event.


I hope not, or the mystery tonight at the same event in Lewes will be revealed prematurely :grin:


I think it is the Apothic


^^^^^ :rofl: god how great would that be ?!!


Has it been revealed yet?! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: I am nosy…


Well… @Tim_S did disclose both, when we chatted to him just before we left. I got it wrong on both counts, but must say- they were SO difficult to guess! I was completely sure about the red, and Tim said what I put down was a common guess (always knew I was common!). It was great fun trying to guess…
I wonder how many people managed to nail it. Not sure it’s OK to disclose now…? If it is, let me know, @laura - and I shall reveal all… :wink:


I think it’s now safe to post the mystery wines! The white was

And the red was

Personally the most difficult thing with the white was trying to uncork new bottles pretty much under the table without anyone seeing the labels!


A wine I have been eyeing up for a while… how is it?


Really enjoyable! Nose was a little muted, but on the palate it was quite creamy, with apple/pear notes and a fresh minerality to round it off. We liked it very much - hubby thought it was Pinot Gris from Alsace, but seeing as it lacked the usual spiciness I overruled… Big mistake, as they would have considered it (seeing as no one guessed a Sylvaner).


That’s interesting! I have had a few sylvaners from hereabouts, though not this one. It’s quite hard to characterise sylvaners, but the pear note mentioned by @Inbar is usually a giveaway (NB - not peardrops!). I don’t think I’ve met it on German Franconian wines, the other main location where it seems to thrive and give distinctive results. Might get a couple of bottles if it’s that good.