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Mystery cases


“Before the tourists arrived”?

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True but I must admit, mine rarely get quite as far as that! It’s as much as I can do to keep my hands off them until they are somewhere near optimum and I must admit, I’m not a fan of very aged wines. There was a 2010 minor chateau claret from TWS (Pierbone?) and I’m sure it was technically in its drinking window but past it for my taste.

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Usually said as ’ you should have been here last week’…

or the variation, as you are sitting in the hut on a Saturday (your last day, usually in a sunny, warm week of low water) with the rain drumming on the roof as the ghillie says ‘Aye, it’s going to be good next week!’.


The Times today has a feature on “25 best secret beaches in Europe.”

Not so secret then.

Also going for a bike ride in the country is now "wild cycling":person_facepalming:


Love it !

I shall be going for some “wild walking” this afternoon, walking home from the world renowned Emley Show.


I’m not sure they got themselves into gear to go, but if you see Jon (and Roxanne) from the Burnt Hill Herb Co. (locally known as the weirdos with the fish) please say hello from me! (It’s my brother-in-law and sister).

Rather than “Wild Walking”, I shall be “Urban Exploring” (walking over to the other side of Clapham to do some shopping on Northcote Road).


I shall be doing some wild cleaning today. It doesn’t get wilder than this, trust me!


We have invisible fairies that do the cleaning. I imagine… never seen them, but somehow the house is always tidy!

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Ah, yes! Us cleaning fairies can be quite discrete… :wink:

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Very tempted must resist ……

And that’s a mystery fine wine case heading my way. £129 for 6 is higher than before? although to date, I have never had a duff one. Hopefully nothing orange!

Also tempted by this but managing to resist so far. Please share what you got!

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Keep us informed rather have a pure red case x

Just took Ozzy the Dog for a walk in the woods. Oh, wait, no, we were forest-bathing, in new-speak. :grinning: :rofl: :joy:


Likewise, I drink much more red than white, except with this mixed case I’m hoping to mitigate against ‘middling claret’.

AND whites can be very good indeed once one gets into ‘fine wine’ territory.

I ticked the box for a tomorrow delivery! will post some pics when / if it turns up.


Wild Forest Bathing ?


Oh Ozzy the Dog was wild forest bathing for sure. He’s incorrigible that way. I was just going for a lovely wander and looked at the trees. Which perhaps counts as mindful forest-bathing these days. But I fear we’re wildly digressing from wine… :wine_glass:


Proof yet again (were it needed!) that this forum entertains, informs and denudes ones bank balance in roughly equal measure :laughing: ta @lapin_rouge a fine wine mystery case for the w/e.
I believe you are correct this is a higher price point - my last foray in 10/21 was 6 Spanish/6 claret @ £119 and 6 red incl 1 port at £89 I think. Like you i’ve never had a duff case, tho istr labelling these 2 solid but unexciting, fingers crossed for some new discoveries.

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And here is my fine wine mystery case - ordered one day@ 9.22am, delivered by noon the next day which is astonishing.

£129 for 3 red/ 3 white. The pick of the litter must be the 2013 Barolo - retailing at £50+ if you can find a bottle, although I’m sure it was much less when in stock at TWS.

Surprisingly none of the wines are ‘the usual suspects’ - I was expecting to see some Macon, and perhaps a St Emilion/ lesser Bordeaux. All these are bottles I’ve never tried before, so that’s going to be interesting.

The Künstler Alvarinho Trocken 2020 is a Portuguese grape, grown in Germany! Going into the fridge for tonight with sea bass & garden tomato concasse + basil


Nice selection!

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