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Mystery cases

Have posted mine in the thread. Thought the Spanish wines in particular were a good selection.

Apologies for the delay in posting, I had to defer delivery for family reasons.

Couple of decent but slightly unexciting cases, largely because I’ve tried most before bar the 2 exhibition Bordeaux. Useful exercise to see how they compare.

Value wise about a £10 per box saving (very roughly as some wines no longer in stock).


As you say, slightly unexciting but solid none the less. There must be 100’s of those damaged Chateau Charmail, they’ve been a regular feature for months!


:joy: yes and now showing low stock on the website! Must have been a heck of an accident

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Has anyone had the Charmail? I have 2 bottles too.

I’ve had it twice. Very classic Style. My Vivino note from this summer:

3.5/5. Lovely classic Bordeaux. Dark ruby quite inky. Nose of rich blackcurrant fruit with a real smoky depth. Palate is classic Bordeaux with medium body, darkroom fruits, touch of dry leather and cigar box, just enough acidity, tannins sinewy and slightly chalky. Decent balance and length. Not fully refined and smooth but good quality.


The latest additions to the mystery case purchases
The mixed was a mixed bag. Mid week quaffing, albeit another bottle of port at this time of year isn’t bad. The others will get drunk - possibly when my parents come around…

The Burgundy box seems better, but I know nothing of one of them really (the Duplessis Chablis). Anyone?


I noticed a couple of the cheaper mystery cases pop up in the last few days, looks like there is still an £85 for 12 reds case at time of writing for someone looking to save a few pennies in January. They were out of stock last night but back in this morning, so might just be a couple a day coming on the website


O.O.S. as of mid morning Thurs 13th. Not a massive loss though becasue the 12 for £85 can be a bit so-so (blimey… I’ve turned into a wine snob), I would be VERY keen to snag any of the more premium cases if and when they happen.


Agree. I got a £99 claret case last year and it was great.

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Long time listener first time caller here.

My £85 mystery case arrived today. At an average of seven quid a bottle it looks ok to me, some solid everyday wines and a few I’ve never heard of which was the idea.


Here’s my line up, quite heavy on Bordeaux but that’s fine for this time of year and is good timing as I have a meat box from Swaledale coming later today (it’s still very much stew and pie weather up here in Glasgow).

The Fluerie, Sicilian Red and Syrah-Mourvedre are all regular buys so no complaints there. I was really just looking for a few bottles to keep the rack topped up ahead of EP season, so this fits the bill quite nicely.

Fingers crossed a few of the more premium cases pop up for those who are interested, had a quick look up thread and it seemed to be this time of year in 2021.


More online for anyone interested



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Not one I’ve seen before



Wonder if that means it will have an English one in it?
Caveat emptor though…I’ve bought the £75 mystery champagne case, as have several other people, and found it somewhat uninspiring, with prices the same as the regular discounts so no actual saving.

My guess is it would be 1 or 2 Champagne and 1 or 2 of English/Prosecco/Cava/other sparkling. But yes others have not had great experiences with them compared to the other mystery cases

Some more online if anyone is interested





Mmm, reckon that first one would be interesting. Unfortunately not interesting enough to sacrifice any more of the Rhone / Burgundy / Barolo budget.


Same here, no mystery case means an extra case of Rhône for me!


Having saved during dry January I can justify a mixed red mystery case AND a punt for a mixed case whites Rhone E.P.

Plus delivery of a couple of cases from reserves to miss the ‘anniversary charge’. Best clear some space in the garage.

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