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Mystery cases

My long lost Mystery Chardonnay case finally delivered from reserves today. Not unexpectedly all 2019 white Burgundy. Pleased.


Mine arrived this morning and was the same mix as this but a Mission Estate 2016 Cab Sauv instead of the Spatburgunder


Good gamble

If anyone who managed to snag one of the recent white burgundy cases or a Spanish/Claret case would like to share the contents, I’d be very interested to see what they held.

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I’ve got one coming tomorrow will post what o get!

Same here, and the 3 champagne (bit of a gamble given contents earlier in the year)


I have a claret/Spanish coming on the 9th Michael hopefully :crossed_fingers:

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This is my white burgundy case just received. Happy and looking forward to starting the sampling tonight!
Hope everyone else enjoys their cases.


My mystery case arrived today. Some (very) familiar bottles here but enjoyable nonetheless.


Are these two very similar red cases the £87 variety? If so I’d be pretty chuffed with those, some good christmassy bottles there.


Two mystery cases arrived today. 6 Claret & Spain at £119 and mixed dozen at £85. Reckon my cases are worth about £135 and £100 respectively. A decent discount.


This is the £89 case, all good bottles to be enjoyed over the next few months.

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My £119 Spanish/Claret was identical to yours, even the extent of the label staining!

The 3 x Champagne (£75) was:
Castelnau Brut Reserve
Pierre Gerbais “Grains de Celles”
Jean de Foigny 1er Cru

I had hoped that this might be different, but the sums are the same as earlier in the year. Under normal circumstances this would be £86 for £75, which I view as being barely worth it albeit that it will get drunk over the festive season and it is nice to try different houses/growers. However with the current discounts it’s just under £77 (albeit that you have to buy in unmixed cases of 6) which is pointless. My advice would be to skip it if it comes up again.


I think that’s the general feeling with champagne cases, particularly at this time of year.

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Agreed - in my experience it was lower end champagne with no discount.

I am grumpy enough with the WS at the moment! Unrecognisable from what it used to be.


Interested to see a few Rosine 2018s appearing.

I’ve been debating taking some out of reserves. If anyone pops one, let me know how it’s drinking.


:joy: :joy: :joy:


I am surprised to see the Ogier “La Rosine” Syrah 2018 in this Mystery case.
This one get’s between 90 - 92/100 on Vinous, Parker & Jeb.
I buy this one most years, it is fabulous value for money.
I did NOT BUY the 2018 vintage, after a “contretemps” with the Society management.
I cancelled my entire 2018 Rhone EP Offer, well over £3,000 in value.
But reverted to norm with 18 bottles from the 2019 EP Offer.
The 2018 bottle was under £16 DP.
If I had seen it on the website at around the 2018 EP Offer price, I would have bought it in a heart beat!! :heavy_heart_exclamation: :wink: :dragon:


I assume it’s because of the stained labels - from the pictures it looks like a substantial amount of red wine has been spilt across a number of Rosine bottles.


I mean it! Just need to get through the Vergelegen offer without temptation…

My Rosine does indeed have a heavily stained label. I think I’m going to sacrifice it relatively soon in the name of EP research so will let the forum know how it’s getting on when I do.