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Mystery cases

I really need to take this thread off alerts.

A claret case into reserves for when I have space to take it.


Mystery Claret Case:

All ready to drink - so that box is happily ticked.

Approx £96.90 list price, paid £89. - another tick.

No duffers, all more than decent but nothing outstanding. Would I normally have bought these wines? prob not (especially the Exhibition Pomerol which in the past has been underwhelming). On the other hand, these are good, straight-down-the-line wine-rack fillers, and easy drinkers, which is what I wanted. So that’s half a tick.

All in all, a happy bunny.


Just over £1 a bottle off, an underwhelming wine and some duplication? I’d be unhappy.

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Lucky you didn’t buy it then :wink:


Agreed. Imagine sidling up to the groom on the big day, nodding in the direction of the bride and remarking rather you than me mate.


Ah yes, however they fill a qualitative gap in my ‘ready rack’ - inexpensive yet decent claret, ready to drink right now. Which is exactly what I wanted.

The ‘meh’ Exhibition Pomerol I had previously was a 2011 (opened 2018) & 2015 is supposedly a better year so perhaps I’m being unfair in pre-judging this one.

The other thing, is in anyway I always buy wine in pairs and not singles - drink the first and then I know if the 2nd is a ‘keeper & improver’ or not. So I’m okay with 3x2 bottles


Whilst I get the excitement of the unknown, the possibility of discovery and of course the GREAT UNBOXING, I am steering clear of these cases. The savings are mostly inconsequential and I would far rather pay a little bit more and choose exactly what I want. If just one bottle out of the six or twelve is a duffer then you would have been best off not bothering.


Six Bottle Mystery Chardonnay Case


Must… resist…

Nice spot - I need some quaffing chardonnay so duly ordered. Will post the outcome…

With 134 chardonnays currently listed, the mystery is certainly alluring.

Prediction: one will be an Exhibition Limari, one Bogle and one Society White Burgundy or Talmard Macon.


Only 13 cases left as of 5pm Thurs. My bet is there will be a Blind Spot Yarra Chny ?

I’ll throw something South African into the mix like Jacques Mouton ‘Madeleine’ Chardonnay, Franschhoek 2020


Coming in my next order! Can’t believe how many positive reviews for this wine… just had to give it a go myself :grinning:

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It’s really lovely and great value for the price. I look forwards to hearing your thoughts!

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I’ve certainly been contemplating it so was on my mind when I saw the case