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Mystery cases

Well my Mystery Fine Wine just arrived. Not brilliant but some nice drinking.

Happy with the Spatburgundier, Ch Charmail, Rioja and the Bohorquez. And about a 10% discount, which is nice :+1:


That’s a cracking Spatburgunder , excellent for the price :wink:!


Yes, I tried a bottle of 2018 Estate Aldinger recently and thought it really charming. I expect this one to be very similar. Maybe a bit nicer.

Vamos a ver!

This is better :wink::wink::wink::+1:


Oh goody! :grinning:

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Ditto the Peyrabon & TeMata (Kiwi P.N) seem remarkably accident prone. Fortunately, decent drinking.

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I do really enjoy the Mystery boxes but I think I might hold off buying more until someone breaks something else.


That DRC is really fragile.

Isn’t it?

6 bottle mystery red case available now, £85.

Click,click,click- sold. I couldn’t resist . :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Ch Charmail 2012, winging it’s way to you !


Me too will be arriving on Wednesday

I like seeing other people’s mystery box. So here is mine.

6 Reds, 5 whites and the Society’s rose.

It is the £84 for 12 box. It would have cost £107.15, so a 28% discount. The biggest bargain is the 2017 Hochar (£14.95) . The only one I’ve had before is the Society’s white burgundy. I’m looking forward to the 3 Terraces Sauvignon Blanc as it is well reviewed and Falanghina as I’ve never tried it and it sounds like my kind of grape.

I like it and I’ll do it again!


I think that’s a good case. My recent mystery case, first one, wasn’t particularly interesting or good value. In fact the Moldovian pinot noir is in my opinion awful. I feel a bit underwhelmed by it and probably will not repeat it.


My £85 case arrived this morning


Great case! The valpolicella is excellent

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You have done very well there - I’m envious - “snooze you lose” as my daughter says. Not sure the QP’s vintage, but the last one I opened (2010) whilst very good, would have taken another 10 years age easily - instead of the 2 evenings I gave it.


Thanks the QP is 2010 reserva looking forward tasting not had before

More mystery cases.

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And… that’s a claret case bought, delivery Tuesday…hopefully all ready to drink & not for keeping. Plus an opportunity to clear down my wish list, various wines in the £10 to £20 bracket also on their way. Happy Saturday morning everyone.

As community rules, I shall post pics when it arrives. Schrödinger’s claret case.