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Mystery cases

More than happy! Not had any of these before (except the qp) so all good. The 2013 crusted port I might keep for Christmas. Looks like fair value, especially because there are no obvious duds or fillers. All hail the mystery picker.


I’d take that lot happily. I’ve had the Rapsani and the Bandol too, and they’re both excellent.


I got a similar selection to @lapin_rouge: the differences being the Pinot and the Amarone. About £100 value. Most fairly beaten up looking but that was part of the deal.


Looks like we have both done well - I note your QP is 2007, mine’s 2010. Last bottle I had was a 2007, and still had many miles in the tank. The Limari is good. The Amerone will be interesting, not one I have tried. Is it the weekend yet?

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Go on then… where is the quote from? I get ‘Ineos’ = owners of Grangemouth plant. But the nay wins the day?.. sounds vaguely Henry V.

Frankie Howard the first. Nay Nay and thrice Nay and variations on that theme.

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Brother of Frankie Howerd one presumes :wink:

Correct and corrected😜

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Sadly the Bandol is corked. Musty and nasty. Fingers crossed for the rest.

Sorry to hear that. Possibly my biggest corked wine disappointment came from an Everywine “courrier casualty” case which among various bargains contained two magnums of 1995 Font de Michelle. The first was just wonderful - herby, soft and sweetly fruited, great concentration. I kept the second for (I think) my 30th in 2009, and it was like sucking mouldy wet cardboard. The whole think went down the sink, probably washed away with tears!


More mystery…


Thank you for posting- second one showing out of stock already!!


Also mystery 12 bottle mixed cases for £95 and £105, but those two are already sold out!

Well they didnt last long…

Thank you for this. Managed to snaffle one of the former for reserves and it looks like it’s now all gone already.

I didn’t see any drinking dates, which makes taking it out of reserves more of a lottery than usual. Doesn’t bother me too much as I’m happy to have things lying around at home if needed. But an indication of whether we’re talking two or ten years in the cellar would have been helpful.



The ‘ shelf life’ of these Mystery Lockdown cases is getting shorter and shorter - on this occasion I am relieved as had a delivery today of Manseng Noir I had forgotten I had even ordered. I had only gone to get a sandwich and came back to see sold out. I am telling myself I am impressed by my uncharacteristic reserve here .


As always interested to see what’s in them, I decided to pass on this occasion mainly due to yesterday’s unscheduled Paul Jaboulet Aîné 2013 spend


That too explains my uncharacteristic reserve today :blush:

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Mystery cases back in - you know the drill!


… and now out of stock!!! :woozy_face: