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Mystery cases

I’ve just had mine cancelled due to a ‘stock issue’. Given it is a mystery case i find that a bit mysterious given they could quite easily make up another one…


Mine too, but given I had been agonising about cancelling it as I’ve ordered too much wine recently I’m slightly glad the decision has been taken out of my hands!


Yep, mine too. Feels a little odd - TWS can literally stick anything in a case with a slight discount and fulfil the order, so I’m mildly surprised they cancelled it instead.


Maybe they worked out how to clean off the Chateau Beaumont labels…


I’d imagine that’s all their bin ends cleared out. I bet when all this covid is over and done with they’ll be sticking to this method of selling off their bin ends. It seems to clear them out in no time at all! :smiley:


Good point. Comparing what people seem to get with what was on the bin end shelf in the past, it looks very similar (10% discounts on cheap wines; the occasional larger discount on Rioja or sweet if you kept looking to the back of the shelves). Almost worth the search, but when the same ones keep .appearing…

I’d still prefer the hunt because I really don’t want sparkling or sauvignon blanc, and I don’t want to be confined to red, but from TWS point of view it is probably more efficient to send them out as mystery cases.


Yes I prefer picking myself but I live rather too far away so this is a good option, though I confess I’ve yet to jump!


Obviously choosing myself, I like, but also like getting stuff I’ve not necessarily chosen myself, it’s all part of explore and experiment… (I know this would cause some eye-rolling in some people… :slight_smile: )

And for you it’s distance, getting to them, for me, I’m unable to drive, due to health issues, so a bit logistically awkward (in reality, for me, close to impossible) getting there, and then dragging a case of wine back to London, and through Tube and Buses. :roll_eyes:

And if I’m going to get up there, I may as well get more than 1 case, otherwise, what’s the point of going there in person!? :wink:

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I love surprises too and I wanted one of the higher price mixed red cases they did quite a while back now. But I was too slow…

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Yes, they disappear pretty quickly. Before you even know there’s another batch of them up for sale… already out of stock…

They may well do more soon, (I mean I’m totally guessing, here…) perhaps for Bank Holiday or Easter… or maybe they’ve finished their stock of those wines, and waiting to build up bin-end fine wine stock again, now.

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Yea the £90 for 6 is the sweet spot


£89 for six mystery cases look to be in stock. Red, mixed or Bordeaux cases currently showing as available.


Dont all rush at once…


I’ve just bought the mixed one, my first mystery case… exciting!


I would have added one of the red cases to my current order but there will inevitably be some of these: “…some may need drinking up sooner rather than later” and currently I have rather too many wines that “need drinking up sooner rather than later.”


YAY. That’s me sorted, happy bunny. I’m sure a psychologist could do a great PHD on why folk will buy a pig-in-a-poke mystery case.

Mystery 6 bottle Mixed Bin End Case Product Code: MX2175

I actually prefer reds, but at the £15+ mark, whites seem to get really good.


Yay, me too. Opportune glance at the community at the right moment.

Edit: Argh I just realised I should have gone with red case, I don’t want a bottle of fizz.

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But… but… they cancelled my £85 one due for delivery this week three days ago. Because “they had no stock”. Has someone come into the warehouse with a little hangover this morning and dropped a few more crates?

Edit: fair enough, this is the 6 not 12 bottle. They could have maybe offered the substitute though.

Easy… phone call to the mighty and omnipotent Customer Services - and all will be sorted.


Ah yes, but this week these are average £15 a bottle crates. Last week they dropped £8 crates, but they sold them all. Such is life, and in theory this week you are getting a lot more quality for your money (but less volume).